40K RUMORS: Necron 2nd Wave Imminent

The tubes and some retailers say look to the first week in May for the Necron Second Wave.  Details within…

via the BoLS Lounge

Units listed are:

Canoptek Spyder
Canoptek Wraith
Destroyer Lord Upgrade Pack
Heavy Destroyer Upgrade Pack
Tomb Blade
Triarch Stalker

Illuminor Szeras
Nemesor Zahndrekh & Vargard Obyron

We will know next week for sure, and if true…

Odd how the flyers keep being left out of everyone’s releases isn’t it?  They are kind of piling up a little.

Man, its been a Looooooooong time since we’ve had a new codex for 40k.  Going on 6-7 months now…

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