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April 9, 2012

EXCLUSIVE: DUST Warfare Approaches - Teaser 2

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We hear that Fantasy Flight Games has decided to throw their hat into the tabletop miniatures wargames world in a big way.  Yet more teasers from DUST Warfare.

First some basics.  Go check out the FFG DUST Warfare site here.  Then take a gander at these page spreads.  FFG assures us many Bothans were killed by their automated defenses, but a couple dropped these off at BoLS Global HQ before croaking.

Hmm, you can tell a lot about a game form its turn sequence and getting a look as some sample units.  Done forget about the previous DUST Warfare teasers here.

MUCH more on DUST Warfare (both its minis and rules) in the days ahead... Have at it.
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