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April 13, 2012

Outside the Box 04-13-12

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Hello, welcome to another issue of Outside the Box, this time with Warlord Games, Bushido, BaneLegion, Spartan Games, MercsMinis, Pulp City,Titan Forge, Mantic Games, Studio Miniatures and On the Lamb Games !
I always got the feeling that I'm saying the same thing over and over again about Warlord Games but the level of consistency is just stunning...
--> More Warlord Games News

Spartan Games 

Yeah, a good week if you like there stuff! More French for Dystopian Wars, some new releases for Firestorm Armada and the revised rulebook for Uncharted Seas!!
Oh, and of course the first pictures of the Russian Coalition:
 --> More Spartan Games News

Wave six starts with this preview of as new Monk, Hotaru
--> More Bushido News

Mantic Games showed us new artwork for the Veer-Myn Night Crawler and Nightmares:
Two new releases and previews of the June releases come from Maelstrom Games:
 --> More BaneLegion News

Studio Miniatures announced a new Zombie range, "Only the Dead are left":

MercsMinis published a first pictures of the new Ios faction:

Titan Forge previewed Zombie Goblins:

Pulp City announced two new characters for their game, Dead Guard and 100 Voices

On the Lamb Games presents the Gerbil pilot for their upcoming Clockwork Knights:
If you like what you see check out their Brushfire Kickstarter campaign!

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