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April 19, 2012

Wargaming Askew: The Real Reason Adepticon Is Great!

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The Wargaming nirvana known as Adpeticon is upon us!

It will also be the 10th anniversary of the little event that could. If Wargaming had religious doctrines, making a pilgrimage to Adepticon would be one of them. Those that have never attended, much of Internet focus on Adepticon is directed at the 40k Championships or Crystal Brush awards. The heart and soul of Adepticon though (for veteran attendees) is the team tournaments from Malifaux to Warhammer Historicals.

It is a mythical experience where hobby and competitive meet in harmony; where the many awards run the complete gambit of our hobbies' many facets. To give you an idea on just how important the team events are here is an example: the 40k Team Tourney was the first event to sell out-- in less than 24 hours. Let us break down those numbers: that is 120 teams with four players each making for 480 players, dedicated to one event for one day.

That is where the spectacle begins. Once registered, teams quickly set out to make a theme. Regardless of the theme, you can tell just from the name alone, that the majority of participants are there just to have a good time.

Here, are some of my favorite names for this year...
  • Twilight: Dawn of War
  • New Nids On The Block
  • Baal to the Bone
  • Bloody Hatchet Wound
  • Muffin Button
  • Trix Are For Skaven
  • Frostbit Nipples
  • Prancing Pony Regulars
There is more where those came from...

After the name comes the t-shirts, websites, dioramas, costumes, and bar tabs. For the majority involved, these events are not about winning; instead the goal is to have too much fun, either peeing your pants or praying to the porcelain god by the end.

As we did last year, my team for our part will take the 40k Team Tournament to it's spiritual end. My 40k Team is the Church of Kelly. Our goal is not the physical victories we achieve on the battle field, but the spiritual conversion to the one true 40k God: Phil Kelly.

My team will bring the good word of Kelly through his four revelations: Orks, Eldar, Dark Eldar, and Space Wolves codexes. For those interested in knowing more (and convert) about the Church of Kelly check out our Facebook, Twitter, and Website.

The scary part is my team won't be the only one going the "extra mile". Last year one team had an entire Smurf Village to go along with their Ultramarine Team. The winning teams, had a digital artist member and produced a hilarious high quality flyer. That is the best part of the team tourney; is people can use whatever skills they have to create a fun theme that everyone enjoys.

So it is no wonder that the 40k Team Tournament is the flagship for Adepticon. So if, you ever get a chance, go to Adepticon not for the championship, go for the team and enjoy all the best qualities our hobby has to offer.

Have any favorite team game memories?

Oh, one reminder for the competitive junkies. Check out The Independent Characters podcast live stream of the final games on Sunday.

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