40K EDITORIAL: Is the Sky Really Falling?

Hey everyone, CrazyRedPraetorian here with some of my thoughts on all of the rumors that are popping up.

First of all, I think it is normal for people to be leery of change. Most people like familiar things. Guys are especially protective over their old belongings and surroundings – and let’s face it, most 40K players are guys. Favorite old Chucks, favorite T-shirt, favorite old chair,  favorite games, etc… old school is an affectionate term, after all. People in general don’t like change when they are comfortable. 5th Edition is like a pair of old Chucks, but Chucks do wear out. Well, it is time for a change… or is it?

I’ve read some of the moaning and groaning from the community about the alleged similarities to WFB 8th Edition. WFB 8th Edition was not a popular change in my local community. In fact, it almost killed  WFB here. Well, all of this got me to thinking: what if the worst rumors are true? Will I jump ship? I can honestly say that I will not. I enjoy the fluff, the modeling, and most of all the community aspects of the hobby far too much to quit. What can I say? I’m hardcore.
What will most members of the community do? I think the Fluff Bunnies will stand firm and enjoy the changes… unless they let Matt Ward write all the fluff. That could get ugly. Moving on… I think we will see a ton of WAACers migrate to other systems. Casual gamers will have mixed reactions, I think. 
But, what about the TIMHys (pronounced Timmys)? What is a TIMHy you ask? TIMHys are Totally Into Math Hammer. These guys – and gals – are not necessarily WAACers but, they are far too serious about gaming to be called casual gamers. TIMHys are in every gaming group. Some gaming groups consist entirely of TIMHys. You may even be a TIMHy yourself. TIMHys build very lean, efficient lists, not to be a douche or strictly to win. It’s just that their brains work that way. Some even struggle when trying to build a fluffy hobby list. I’m very familiar with TIMHys, many of my friends are TIMHys.  
TIMHys have become a large portion of GW’s US sales. The question is what will the TIMHys do? Will they find a new game? Will they stick around and deal with the rumored randomness? Or will they put on their own modified 5th ED tournaments? Did I mention that many TIMHys are over achievers?

I had to include this picture. A guy that I played football with was hit in the head with a sledge hammer at a school dance one night. He said it “hurted-ed.” DG was not a smart guy. However, he learned two things: don’t go to school dances, and don’t ever dance with  Latawanda. Her boyfriend was a jealous gang banger named Pork Chop. Pork Chop was also a friend of mine. RIP Pork!

If the worst were to happen, and 6th Edition is not “competitve friendly”would you abandon the game entirely, make the transition to 6th, or keep playing 5th Edition?  That is something I never understood about the WFB 7th Edition to 8th  Edition switch. Why didn’t the players just refuse to accept what they considered an inferior product? Why would they give up on a hobby they loved? I know GW is not literally the hobby. However, for many players the IGT scene is a large part of the hobby. Why give that large community up?

Personally, I look forward to the change… which is funny because I’m old and ornery, and don’t usually like change. But, I think this will be very interesting, and I have some ideas of my own  about what GW might be springing on us in the next few years. I think times are going to be very interesting, indeed. So, hang in there fellow hobbyist we’re in for some interesting times.
If the rumors are true, will you stay or will you go? There is already an IGT circuit. Why not an IGT rules set based on the much loved 5th Edition rules if 6th Ed is not competition friendly? As always thanks for reading!
CRP out!!!
Now Go Roll Some Dice!!! 

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