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May 1, 2012

The Blogroll is Dead - Long Live the Blogroll!

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ATTENTION WARGAMING BLOGGERS!!!  OK, this is a bit of BoLS housekeeping that we just couldn't wait one more day for.

In case you all didn't know, the Google Blogger Blogroll has a serious bug.  In fact, it's been busted for over 2 months now... and we're tired of waiting for Google to fix it.

Long story short: Google "updated" something a couple months back, and it disabled any ability to modify blogrolls for larger ones (like ours). It appears on the main page, but we can't do anything to it at all - can't add new people, or remove sites that are dead.

But, we can kill it and start a new one right away.

So, we're gonna pull the plug. On Wednesday we are building our new fancy blogroll that should be bug free.  

So use this comments thread to get into the new one. 
(Please don't email the main BoLS site in this one instance.) 

In the spirit of fairness, we will be loading up the new one first come first serve. If you meet the qualifications, attach your blog's name and URL in the comments.

Thanks gang. We really weren't ignoring all your applicant emails.

~Thanks everybody!

Mod Note: in order to keep things organized, comments that are not applications to the blogroll will be deleted. Please stay on topic. Thanks :)
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