DYSTOPIAN WARS – Invisible Magnets

As we all know the Dystopian Wars models are amazing; both in detail and sheer imagination.  So once you have painted your model how do you go about transporting it from one gaming den to another without ruining them?

You could buy foam and cases to protect them but if your on a budget like me this isn’t really a possibility.
So armed with a cheap metal toolbox I found a way to keep your models from sliding around and getting chipped with something called …INVISIBLE MAGNETS!!!

Well they aren’t really invisible, just well placed.  To start you’ll need a Dystopian Wars model, files, 2 small rare earth magnets and glue.  I’m only concentrating on the flying models for Dystopian Wars, because the larger resin models are simple to drill out and put magnets in their base.

First turn the acrylic flight base upside down – the side with the protective paper needs to be facing you.

Now test fit the magnets into the pre-drilled post holes.  If they don’t fit use a round file to make the holes slightly bigger.  Don’t shave off too much otherwise it will be difficult to glue.

Place one of the magnets on a flat file – this will clearly show which side of the magnet is attracted to metal – put glue on the inside of the hole and then carefully insert the magnet while still on the file.  Slowly pull the file away, across the flat of the stand, until the magnet is held in place by the glue. I used Zap-A Gap medium for  mine as it gives a firm hold. Next turn the flight stand over and place it on a surface such as an old CD and allow it to dry properly

Now test fit the flight pole that will go in the hole.  In many cases you’ll need the flat file to reduce the diameter of the pole.  It’s also a good idea at this stage to test fit the flight pole into the model as well; it is very difficult to file to top of a flight pole once it is glued in place (believe I know from experience).

Once the pole is a tight fit in the hole, add some glue to the end and press into the hole.  Apply some pressure to ensure the pole fits snugly against the top of the magnet.

Repeat the above for the remaining pole (if it is a 2 pole flight stand).  Once done you have your flight stand with your …. INVISIBLE MAGNETS!!!

To finish off, simply place your model on the top of the flight stand.

The magnets are strong enough to hold your models in place in the metal toolbox, that is unless your whipping around corners at breakneck speeds.

I’d love to hear any feedback or ideas you’ve come up with for carting around your Dystopian Wars fleet.

Take care and watch out for those exploding dice!


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