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June 6, 2012

3D Printing, Games Workshop, and the Future

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Once upon a time, a man made a 3d printable tank and a walker...

WIRED Has all the rest.  Its a great read with implications for the entire manufacturing industry and the law.  Here are some juicy excerpts:

"Last winter, Thomas Valenty bought a MakerBot — an inexpensive 3-D printer that lets you quickly create plastic objects. His brother had some Imperial Guards from the tabletop game Warhammer, so Valenty decided to design a couple of his own Warhammer-style figurines: a two-legged war mecha and a tank....

...You thought Hollywood and record labels were powerful lobbyists, crushing Napster and suing file-sharers? Wait until you see what the manufacturing industry can do. The American Chamber of Commerce is the single largest lobbyist on Capitol Hill, spending $60 million a year."

~So what's your take on the bright future of 3d Printing?
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