40K RUMORS: Forgeworld Codices!

It looks like good ole Reece got a live one when he was contacting Games Workshop this past week.  Forgeworld rules awesomeness ahead.

via Frontline Gaming

“a regular of ours talked to GW asking if he could use Forgeworld in tournaments and he told us he was told that YES HE COULD, and that a FAQ for all of the Forgeworld stuff would be released by Games Workshop (not Forgeworld) giving all the pertinent rules to allow them in regular play.

Also, he told us that Forgeworld will be releasing codices that are official and will explore some of the more niche aspects of the GW universe (the example given was a Salamanders Codex). He also said that all Forgeworld product will be sold in GW stores.”

Oh, lordy lordy…  Can you  just imagine, if all the Forgeworld army lists got FAQed, updated and became official codices, not to mention the future possibilities.  We have been hearing for a while of future Horus Heresy and Mechanicum projects… More on the Lounge here.

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