DUST Warfare Battle Report – Duel of the Giants

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[So]Rice here again with another article, this time a Battle Report on DUST Warfare.

The Game was played at 300 points, the armies were as follows.

Faction: Axis ( 300 / 300 )

--- Sturmgrenadiere Platoon (115)
Command Section: Sigrid Von Thaler (20, Hero)
1st Section: Battle Grenadiers (17)
2nd Section: Laser Grenadiers (21)
3rd Section: Recon Grenadiers (17)
Support: MPW II-B "Ludwig" (40)

--- Schwer Platoon (185)
Command Section: Lara (29, Hero)
1st Section: Heavy Flak Grenadiers (26)
2nd Section: Heavy Laser Grenadiers (35)
Support: HPW VI-A "Königsluther" (95)
(Note: I am aware that Sigrid cannot lead a Strumgrenadier Platoon,
but we were limited to the models on hand) 
Faction: Allies ( 297 / 300 )

--- Combat Platoon (133)
Command Section: Bazooka Joe (15, Hero)
1st Section: "The Gunners" Combat Ranger Squad (17)
2nd Section: "Recon Boys" Recon Ranger Squad (16)
3rd Section: "Death Dealers" Ranger Weapon Squad (20)
Support: MCW M2-C "Pounder" (40)
Support: LAW M1-B "Blackhawk" (25)

--- Assault Platoon (164)
Upgrade: Air Drop (5)
Command Section: "Hell Boys" Ranger Attack Squad (25)
1st Section: "The Hammers" Heavy Ranger Assault Squad (28)
2nd Section: "BBQ Squad" Assault Ranger Squad (21)
Support: HAW M6-B "Fireball" (85)
I would like to thank this website for creating the Dust Warfare Force Builder: 
 Here is the table with no units deployed. The battle was 300 points and the objective was to annihilate the opposing force.

 The Germans deployed first splitting their two platoons to two ends of the table. The Konigsluther was placed next to the church to maximize it’s line of sight. Lara, the Heavy Flak Grenadiers and the Heavy Grenadiers were deployed in the church. Sigrid’s Platoon started bunched together in a ruined building. The Allies set up more evenly along the table edge, wisely putting both walkers out of sight from the Konigsluther. The Hammers started on the third floor of a structure. The Fireball and Hellboys were placed in Reserve.

 Sigrid’s Platoon
 Allied Deployment
 Lara’s Platoon

Turn One:

In turn one the Germans went first. Both Command Phases and Unit Phases were used to advance troops to cover.

End of Turn One
Allies advance towards the center of the board.
 Sigrid moves her platoon into cover.
Turn Two:
The Germans won initiative again for turn two with two Command Points. Lara ordered the Konigsluther to fire at the Death Dealers leaving one dead. The Ludwig fired at the Hammers on top of the ruin but failed to do any damage but Suppressed them. The Allies wisely used their Command Points to move the Armor 2 squads into cover and out of sight from the Konigsluther.
In the Unit Phase, the Konigsluther fired at the Recon Grenadiers killing one. On the other side ofthe board, the Battle Grenadiers, Recon Grenadiers, and the Ludwig focused their fire on the Combat Rangers and Hammers. 2 Combat Rangers were removed as casualties in the firefight. 
During the Allies Unit Phase, the Hammers rolled to remove their Suppression and jumped in the front of the Ludwig and attacked it with their Rocket Punches. With 6 attacks hitting on blanks, the Ludwig took 4 Damage points and saved one of them. Rolling on the Vehicle Damage table, the Ludwig was also Blinded. The Combat Rangers failed to finish the Ludwig, missing it with a Bazooka shot.
 Hammers vs. Ludwig
 End of Turn Two
Turn Three:
Turn Three’s Initiative Phase resulted in the Allies receiving 2 Orders and the Axis receiving 3. Both of the Allied Orders were to move Joe’s Death Dealers and the Recon Boys into the two-story ruin putting them in position for a flank attack. The three German Orders were given to the Ludwig, Laser Grenadiers, and Battle Grenadiers to focus their fire on the Hammers killing all 3.
The Pounder and the Black Hawk both attempt to cross the crater and rubble but the Pounder gets stuck putting it in range of the Konigsluther’s guns. The Fireball and the Hellboys drop this turn on the flank of Sigrid’s Platoon. The Hellboys dish out 7 wounds to the Laser Grenadiers with their Flamethrowers and Shotguns. Sigrid takes 3 wounds and 2 Laser Grenadiers are killed. The Combat Rangers fire the Bazooka and manage to destroy the Ludwig. The BBQ Squad advances on the Battle Grenadiers and fires their shotguns killing 2. The Reaction from the Battle Grenadier kills one of the BBQ Squad members.
On the German turn, the Konigsluther fired it’s dual 17.3cm FPK Zwei at the unfortunate Pounder destroying it in an explosion. Sigrid’s squad rolled and sucessfully removed their Supression and fired their lasers at the Hellboy. The Recon Grenadiers also Sustained Fire on the Hellboys. All 5 Hellboys were removed. On this turn, Lara and the rest of the Armor 3 platoon surprised the Death Dealers and Recon Boys by exiting the church to their backs.
 The Konigsluther aims at the Pounder.
 Wrecked Pounder.
Airdropped Fireball lands on the German Flank.
 Lara’s Flak Grenadiers and Laser Grenadiers appear behind Joe’s Death Dealers and the Recon Boys before they are able to flank Sigrid’s Platoon.
The Hellboys prepare to roast the Laser Grenadiers.
 End of Turn Three.
Turn Four:
The Initiative Phase for Turn Four gave the Americans 4 Command Points and the Germans 3. The Germans wisely used their Command Points to allow Lara, the Heavy Laser Grenadiers, and the Heavy Recon Grenadiers to shot the Death Dealers and the Recon Boys. Bazooka Joe took 3 wounds and 2 Recon Boys were killed. The last Order was given to the Konigsluther to shot the back of the Fireball scoring 3 points of damage and a weapon destroyed (Dual .30 Cal Victory MG). The Allied Orders were used to Rrgroup Joe’s Death Dealers and the Recon Grenadiers.
During the Unit Phase, the Konigsluther shot the Fireball again dealing 2 Damage and Blinding it. 
The Recon Grenadiers and Battle Grenadiers killed 2 of the BBQ Squads while Lara’s platoon continued to advance on Joe’s platoon.
The Allied Blackhawk shot the Heavy Laser Grenadiers and killed two. The BBQ Squad killed 2 more Battle Grenadiers and the Gunners failed to kill any of the Recon Grenadiers.
 Review sight from the Fireball.
 The Death Dealers, Joe, and the Recon Boys Flee from Lara’s Armor 3 Platoon.
 End of Turn 4.
Turn 5:
The Allies received 2 Orders and the Axis received 3. The Americans were forced to use their Orders to regroup again and the Germans continued to fire on the flanking Allied units.
During the Allied turn, the Fireball turned around and shot the Konigsluther with it’s  Fireball Napalm Thrower dealing am impressive 6 points of damage and lit it on Fire. The rest of the Allied units already heavily suppressed attempted to group up near the Black Hawk. The Blackhawk shot the Laser Grenadiers again did not kill any of them.
During the German turn the Konigsluther dueled with the Fireball again this time completely destroying it.  The Recon Grenadiers and the Battle Grenadiers killed the last two members of the BBQ squad.
 Duel of the giants.
 With the Americans completely surrounded and suppressed, victory went to the Germans.
Thanks for reading everyone, I would also like to thank our customers Ryan C. and Roland S. for letting Lazuli Miniatures Studios paint their figures and feature them in this battle report.
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