Privateer Press Weekly Roundup: Monsters and Mayhem

WoldWrath (Circle)

 Another Gargantuan emerges for Hordes, and a classic mayhem-minded playstyle returns!

First up, you need to check out the new Circle Gangantuan.  I think he’s angry…

Next up, imagine a formalized tournament where you can do things like this:

• A Leg Up (1 pt) – The attacking model rips a leg off its victim and
uses it to smash other foes. The improvised weapon is an additional
melee weapon with POW 3 (so P+S equal to STR+3) with Reach. The
model can immediately make one attack with this weapon without
spending focus or being forced. A Leg Up lasts for one turn.

Yeah, SUMMER RAMPAGE 2012 is here.  Go download the rules pack for some of the meanest, most brutal games of Warmachine-Hordes you’ve ever played.

FINISH HIM!!!!! ~cue Mortal Combat music in 3,2,1…FIGHT!

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