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November 19, 2012

40K RUMORS: Dark Angels for the New Year

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Latest word on the Dark Angels coming up...

via Faeit 212 and Stickmonkey

A bit of tidying up and omnibus Dark Angels stuff today boys and gals.

First up Dark Angels Scheduling:

- Dark Angels devoted White Dwarf for January
- Miniatures go up for pre-order end of December and are available very early January. ~So save up some of your holiday money!

Rules-wise we hear the following:

-Sammael still rides the Imperium's only functioning jetbike.
-Larger sized Tactical Squads have been reported ~perhaps the 1st Chapter is still holding onto some of the "old Legion ways"???
-Standard "Green Dark Angels" are well represented with 8 unit choices across the codex.  It won't be all Deathwing and Ravenwing.

The full Dark Angel rumor roundup is here. You better grab your Dark Angels deals from ebay before the prices spikeHave at it folks!
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