Open Thread: Most Innovative NEW Wargame?

Its Thanksgiving week – lets talk about what we can give thanks for – the bevy of new wargames that have hit the market in the last few years.

The wargaming space is a very different beast than it was just a handful of years ago.  We’ve seen new outfits crop up overnight all over the place and we are probably at an all time high of customer choice.

While the giants like Warhammer, Warmachine, and Flames of War are chugging along, it seems you can’t go a week without another wargaming kickstarter firing off.

So today’s discussion is:

 What do you think the most innovative NEW GAME that has shown up in the last few years?

Here’s just a handful of new games to get the conversation started.

Dystopian Wars
Kings of War
DUST Warfare
Hail Caesar!
Dropzone Commander
Bolt Action

In particular, if you had your wish and could see the best newcomer be readily available with an easily accessible playerbase – which one would it be?

If there is a PARTICULAR rule mechanic you think is just amazing – let us know.

~Have at it!  

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