30K: Death Guard 2k Ground Pounders

Its nice to have all kinds of fancy tanks and flyers, but Mortarion says boots on the ground win battles.  Here’s my latest production – with pretty pictures.

Basically the goal is was to produce a list that not only performed well on the tabletop, but was as well constructed by Death Guard tactical doctrine as I could.  So for me that meant boots, boots, and more boots.  If I had any vehicles, they needed to be either dreadnoughts (bigger boots), or personal infantry transports (things like bikes and speeders).

Here’s the list.

Legion Death Horus Heresy Legion – 2k

Praetor Terminator armor, PF, Iron Halo, Combibolter  155

Death shroud x4 170

Moritat Artificer armor, plasma pistol x2  125

Tactical squad x20 (bolters) 265
-Serg, Powerscythe

Tactical squad x20 (bolt pistol – CCW) 265
-Serg, Powerscythe

Land Speeder Squadron x4 (dual heavy bolter)  260

Heavy Support Squad x7 (multi meltas)  245

Dreadnought talon 425
-MM – CCW-Combibolter
-LC – CCW-HvyFlamer
-HB – CCW-Combibolter – Havoc

Apothecarion X2  90

Tactics – broadly speaking, this is a slowly advancing WW1 gunline. 20-man infantry unit advance with attached apothecaries, and lay down buckets of bolters, double-firing using “Fury of the Legion” when they expect to be charged next turn.  The squad with BP/CCW is placed towards the stronger assault element of the bad guys.

The Dreadnought Talon (I call them Charlie’s  Angels) is placed between the infantry units, and beelines for central table and plants as a boat-anchor.  The Praetor and his 4 Deathshroud count-as bodyguard (HURRY UP Forgeworld, release these guys!)  advance behind the BP/CCW unit as countercharge.  Moritat walks up directly behind the Dread Talon and hides till mid-late dame and opens up on whatever unit gets too close (his personal best is 11 dead marines in 1 firing phase).

MM unit deploys to cover objectives, and the speeders dance around my deployment zone throwing 8 heavy bolters into key units who need softening up.

-Its mean. It rolls buckets of dice. Its fluffy.  What do you all think.

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