40K NEWS: Deathshroud Unveiled

Forgeworld have been cheeky monkeys – doing a holiday dance of the 7 veils with an upcoming Death Guard unit.  Its gonna be a winner.

behold (via Forgeworld):

Now for you folks who don’t know, the Deathshround are the elite bodyguard unit of senior Death Guard Legion members and Mortarion.  Composed of the toughest individuals in the Legion, often the literal “sole survivors” of various unit actions, these marines are inducted into the bodyguard for their dedication and sheer toughness.

They are 2 wound terminators with a powerscythe, and hand flamer (with Gets Hot!, and Shred).  Just try to charge em! They have a unit size of 3-10 and are always scoring, even though they are ELITES.  Pretty nasty hombres.

They are wearing modified Tartarus-pattern Terminator suits which gives them a cool look – somewhat apart from the both the standard fare or Cataphractii suits.  And those scythes!  I’m already dreaming of a unit of these guys surrounding Typhus on the tabletop!

I’m SO in! How about you?  More conversation in the Lounge here.

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