40K RUMORS: Deathwing Latest

That White Dwarf making it’s way around the world has some interesting tidbits on the Dark Angels first company:

via White Dwarf – Faeit 212

Deathwing Knights
T:5 when packed in close together
Smite (one use ability which lasts one turn)
Optional Land Raider as a Dedicated Transport

Deathwing Terminators
1 per 5 may upgrade to the following:
Heavy bolter
Plasma cannon
Assault cannon
Cyclone missile launcher
Optional Land Raider as a Dedicated Transport

BoLS Lounge

Pre-orders for the Dark Angels is January 5th, Street date is January 12th.

Note to self:  The next time a Games Workshop studio member is converting his Deathwing Terminators to use plasma cannons “because it looks cool” in a hobby post months ahead of a suspected codex release – you know something is up…

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