Faeit’s 40k Tarot: Flyers, Speeders, and Future Releases

The week’s rumor round up gives some insights into next years releases,  the first hints of  some Imperial Guard in the works, and a glimpse at what appears to be a Thunderbolt/Avenger marine fighter.

Divining the future is perilous in its own right, and the currents of eddy’s of the warp are volatile enough to drive even the strongest minds to madness. What ever the dangers of looking ahead might bring, with Faeit’s Tarot we shall do so, for the fate of the Imperium lies in the balance.

Flyers and Land Speeders
It seems that Neko over on Warseer earlier this week says he got a glimpse at a flyer that looks like a marine Thunderbolt/Avenger. Also seen was a quad engine land speeder with a dorsal mounted Plasma Weapon and a gunners pulpit on the nose. Dark Angels anyone?

Here is a quote on what he saw regarding two flyers:

Well, the 2 planes I saw were:
Chin mounted gatling cannon (something like an Avenger cannon), with wing mounted missiles (pod mounted, in the same style as the Storm Raven).
Chin mounted wide-bore cannon the types of which I haven’t seen before (but which looks like it’ll be firing a high energy discharge), with wing mounted loads’o’bolters (hurricane bolter basically).

Imperial Guard Rumors
This was a shocker this week, when we had some issues tracking down a rumor that Jes Goodwin might be working on some Imperial Guard. Well, tracking aside, Dave (a source from Faeit 212) sent us in this little bit to help shed some light on whether or not something is being worked on for the Imperial Guard.

a few comments ive heard this week from GW staff have been….. ”i’m getting very excited about seeing the new imperial guard units” and ”cant wait for codex imperial gaurd to be finished”. i do know that my favourite 40k artist Jes Goodwyn has been working on imperial guard artwork and sketches for new models recently. might be a while before we see them

If something really is being worked on for the Imperial Guard, it could be for a 40k supplement next summer, or something even further out. Don’t expect a codex anytime soon, as the rumored release schedule (below) looks full.

2013 Release Schedule
This time of year, as in every past year, there are lots of line up rumors for what we will see in the upcoming year. This week Bell of Lost Souls had a couple of rumors laying out a very full line up that is sure to please many. The best part of it is, is that a lot of this line up follows what we have been hearing for the past several months, so it looks like a very solid rumor.

There were two sets from Larry Vela, one earlier in the week, and one that came towards the end. So to help things along I have combined them a little since the correlated well with each other, the first of which detailed out the waves that we might be seeing.

From Larry here on Bols
JAN: Dark Angels
FEB: Daemons (possible dual release of 40k and Fantasy)
MAR: Wave month (hobbit, warriors of chaos, 40k)
Ork wave: with buggy, wartrack, updated Battlewagon, coptas, flashgitz, and tankbustas
APR: High Elves
MAY: Tau
JUN: Summer wave (40k, supplement book for 40k)
Flyer wave: with: Eldar, Tau, Tyranid, Dark Eldar kits
JUL: Lizardmen
AUG: Mystery Box
SEP: Wave month
OCT: ???
NOV: Eldar
DEC: ???

Make sure to check back here at Bell of Lost Souls often to find out the latest on what is coming, and then join the conversation over on Faeit 212.

2012 is very much here and gone. 2013 looks packed tight with new 40k releases every other month, and sometimes every single month. Can Games Workshop keep up with a schedule like this?

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