Goatboy’s The 3rd Perspective: Kromlech’s Legionaries Running Legs & More

Goatboy here again with another 3rd party miniature review. Behold my Kromlech creations!

 I always look for new parts to enhance my armies.  I have bought some things from Kromlech (through a 3rd party seller) before and have always found their bits to be of an extremely high quality.  I saw these with some of their other new leg options and knew I had to buy a set to test out.

So with that in mind here is what my feebled Goatbrain came up with for an initial testing.  I thought that mixing these legs with some of Kromlech’s Stygian Nobles style shoulder pads and heads would make for a pretty awesome Pre Heresy Thousand Sons.  I know a lot of people are annoyed with Grey Knights and I only used some of their pieces because I figured the extra Psychic nature of their parts would fit well.  It also gave me a chance to experiment with some NMM in order to do a different styled Gold.

For those interested in purchasing the Legionaire Leg’s you can go to their Ebay store as they haven’t filtered into the online stores as of yet.  You can purchase the Shoulder pads and Helmets from the BOLS market as well.

The legs are extremely high detailed.  They are some of the best resin pieces I have ever messed with and find their lack of mold lines refreshing.  The resin is not as stiff as Forge Worlds nor is it as hard as Scibors.  There is some give to the pieces and think they will hand getting dropped pretty well.

The sculpture is very clean and it has that Pre Heresy feel that makes for an interesting set of armored legs.  Each rivet is pretty detailed and takes to painting very easily.  The size is right for the Heroic nature of the game and find they match pretty well with GW’s range of minis.  You could also use these for other games as well if you want the idea of a Space Knight challenging evil in Space.

Their cost is not too high for what you get.  You get 6 legs for around 11 dollars which lines up well when you start to bit out your marines.  The added details and the push towards a Pre Hersey feel makes the legs an even better deal.  Now if you are as good at making basic legs into fancy older looking legs like Brandon then this isn’t as good of a deal for you.

The Shoulder Pads and Heads are both just as detailed as the legs.  I really like how each piece has very individual sculpture lines and think they easily rival things you can get out of a plastic injected model masterpiece.

The only real issue I had with the legs is that I wish they weren’t all running.  I know that is the label of the leg option but a better ability to have standing or less “action” legs might be a good one.  They have another set of legs I will talk about at a later date and I think these legs could have used another set of stationary options.

I also wish they had some designs that weren’t so similar looking.  I know that is a bit nit picky but these things are pretty impressive and that is the only real issue I could find with them.  The heads can be a bit impractical as “realistic” helmets but we all know the type of game we play.  I mean seriously how do those Space Knights even go to the bathroom right?

So should you buy these?
If you want to utilize some different Pre Heresy designs for you army then yes you should start looking at these legs.  Their cost is cheaper then some of the FW options and it allows you some leeway when building the total model.    Their shoulder pads and helmets are also a way to make your army look different on the table top when you have to deal with a sea of consistent models and army options.

Next time look for me to create a better Plague Marine.  I wanted to go with a different look and used multiple 3rd party parts to create a hybrid design.  I am also slowly building up a base review as well so look for that coming soon.  I also purchased some Avatar of War models and want to utilize them in some conversion for my Chaos Space Marine army.

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