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January 31, 2012

Wargames Gallery 1-31-2012

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pic submitted by Yaleling

Greenstuff - 1001 uses. Now 1002.
Caption contest... GO!
Disclaimer: DON'T do this to your car!

Fun with Magnets: 40k Backpack Swaps!

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MBG here with a little tutorial on how to swap out backpacks, so you can switch up Marines between Jump and regular infantry.

WFB: Fast Cavalry and You!

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The ability to out wit and out maneuver your opponent is key in Warhammer Fantasy, and Fast Cavalry are one of the best tools at your disposal for accomplishing this.

BOLS Academy #7 - Assaulting into Ruins

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Hey BOLS Fans, Caldera here.  This week I will build upon what we talked about last week and how ruins effect assaulting units.

Brent: Painting Marines Sucks!

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I'll admit up front, coming up with the name for this article took longer than uploading the pictures - if anyone has a suggestion better than mine, please feel free to chime in.

January 30, 2012

Wargames Gallery 1-30-2012

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pic submitted by Kurt Metz

I like where this army is going...
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40K Review: Audiobook: Galaxy in Flames by Ben Counter

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Frost here for a brief rundown of the Black Library audio book Galaxy in Flames by Ben Counter.

Hordes - Way of the Wilds: Morvahna the Autumnblade

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I've spent the last several weeks diverting from Kaya and her band of furry friends and into another Circle Orboros warlock; Morvahna the Autumnblade.  She's unlike most any other warcaster or warlock that I've played with, and she requires both careful thought for her build as well as time spent on the table in order to learn her quirks.  Let's give her a look.

Goatboy's 40k Thoughts - Playing the Game and Keeping the Girl

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Goatboy here again - chatting about 40k as usual. Today I want to talk about keeping the girl (or guy) and still playing with your plastic dudesmen.

40K RUMORS: 2012 Schedule

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Good ole TastyTaste says there is no school like the old school.  He's got his latest set of Warhammer 40000 schedule rumors for 2012 up.  It's not what you'd expect.

January 29, 2012

Wargames Gallery 1-29-2012

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"What'd I do?!?"
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Dark Age: APOCALYPSE: Mongo Unboxing.

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I recently talked about the Dark Age books and showed you a bunch of pics of their pretty studio-painted minis. Now lets take a closer look at an actual product. Today I have what might be favorite mini in the Dark Age range: Mongo.

Privateer Press: Weekly Roundup 1-29-2012

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A new Khadorn unit makes a debut this week from Privateer Press in a most unusual fashion...

40K NEWS: 25th Anniversary Marine (pics)

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So you remember "that guy" from the cover of Rogue Trader? Well, he's headed your way as part of the 25th Anniversary of Warhammer 40,000.

White Dwarf Mystery - Hidden in Plain Sight

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So, it looks like someone is having a great time with the 2012 editions of White Dwarf....

January 28, 2012

Wargames Gallery 1-28-2012

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"Bird, when I told you to scout ahead..."
You finish it... GO!

This Week in 40K Podcasting – 1/20/2012 – 1/26/2012

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Welcome to another "This Week in 40K Podcasting,”

Plastic Dudesmen #46 - Date Night! Revenge of the Coffee!

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Purple is so slimming.

Outside The Box 01-28-12

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ZOMG, I was away for just 6 weeks and there is a gigantic heap of new cool stuff out there! I won't list the companies today, because I have 15 (!) amazing things to show you and these are just the ones too cool too miss! Let's get it on!

January 27, 2012

Wargames Gallery 1-27-2012

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so many ways to go with this one...
Action movie quote-a-thon in 3, 2, 1... GO!

BREAKING: Mantic Corporation Kits (pics)

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Those Mantic sci-fi humans we saw previews of a few weeks ago are back and with even more units.  Check out the new units below.

Retailers are listing prices as follows:
Corporation Army £49.99 @46 models (includes 4 HW teams)
Corporation Heavy Weapons £17.50 @6 models (3 HW teams)
Corporation Veterans £15.99 @10 models (includes 1 HW team)
Corporation Rangers £15.99 @10 models (includes drop packs)

~I'll leave the value propositions to you, but I would expect to see squads of these popping up all over the place soon.  Have fun gang.

40K: 3D Printing - Let the Legal Games Begin...

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the culprit - caught "red handed"???
It's not often that Games Workshop makes the Huffington Post, but with the advent of 3D-Printing this was only a matter of time.  The case of the disappearing Dreadnought begins...

40K TACTICS: HQ Uses 101

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Fritz here with a few finer points on the use of an independent character for those of you new to the game- Here are some ideas to keep in mind for when the opportunity arises for your heroic character, villain, robot, or space bug.

January 26, 2012

Wargames Gallery 1-26-2012

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"Lieutenant, is this another bug-hunt?"
Sci-fi movie quote-a-thon in 3, 2, 1... GO!

Review: GF9 Bestial Huts.

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Greetings Readers! Psyberwolfe here with another review. Today we are going to take a quick look at Gale Force 9’s new Bestial Huts. Let’s dive in.

GF9 has yet again hit another homerun. What we see here is the Chieftain Hut set and the Bestial Huts set. Each set sells for $25 which I think is a great price point for terrain. These huts are made from sturdy resin and come fully painted. What really made me happy was that both the interior and the exterior are painted, when they could have gotten away with painting the outside. It is a small detail that really sets these pieces out.

These huts are generic enough that they can see use in almost any fantasy wargame. Their use in WFB is fairly obvious. Ogres, Orcs, Chaos Marauders, and Beastmen would all look like these huts belonged to them. For Hordes Legion and Trollbloods would both look good with than, and they could see use with Skorne. I know I’ve only touched on a few armies here but these huts would just work well for any feral or uncivilized army. I’m sure that certain Scifi fans may also see a way to get these on their tables.

Overall this is a must have especially for gamers, like myself, who play multiple games and multiple systems. This is a high quality product with a lot of value for your gaming table. So if you have some cash burning a hole in your pocket I suggest you let it burn for these huts.

Floor is yours. So how would you use these and could you see them on a Scifi table?

Dystopian Wars - KoB Aircraft Carrier

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The Kingdom of Britannia Aircraft Carrier, what you get when you buy it, and simple assembly & painting instructions.

40k: Battle Report - Necrons vs Salamanders - 2,000 points

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Mercer here with a nice oldschool written Necron Batrep from my home on the web Imperius Dominatus. Let's hit it!

40K: Epic Gaming Moments

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So let's talk a bit about awesome gaming moments... It's those times when crazy things happen and turn games around with one roll of the dice. I love these epic moments and they always seem to tell an incredible story...

Legends are born overnight. Last night I had a game with my Tyranids versus Grey Knights... You know the drill—I couldn't pass a psychic check to save my life. Those bloody Grey Knights were absolutely shutting down the Hive Mind with their psychic hood and reinforced Aegis. My Genestealers continued to whiff against an immobilized Dreadnought for over five rounds of combat. My Prime and his black Hormies refuses to come in from reserves. It's like what is going on here guys ?? This is our most hated enemy. It's so exasperating when your dice are ice cold and your opponent's are smoking hot.... It's like I said, you all know the drill.

Suddenly something happens—it's like I hear a sharp little click inside my mind and suddenly the Wyrm turns. I get a little crazy and my winged Hive Tyrant flies up on top of a building cackling like a mad rooster in the hen house and blazes down a Strike squad with his devourers. The Grey Knights want his blood in return training every gun on the big brute but the Tyrant passes each and every save. The boss then goes air to air landing on top of another building and consumes another Strike squad... He was simply unstoppable and it was late in the game. That was the best part of the game for me and reminded me of playing my Blood Angels DoA (Descent of Angels) army... I think my Tyrant spent most of the game above the tabletop hopping from the top of one building to another... It was awesome !!

Finally the Hive Mind has cracked the proverbial ice and drinks deep from the cold warp. The Broodlord finally rips the immobilized Dreadnought in half with one mighty blow... Then a sizable brood of Ymgarl Genestealers awaken suddenly and converge towards the Paladins... And then the seemingly impossible happens—the Grey Knight Librarian first takes a wound traversing through dangerous terrain in an attempt to reach my Tyrant and then his head explodes like a ripe pumpkin suffering massive psychic death trauma to Perils of the Warp while attempting to cast Warp Rift... Hurrr hurr !! My Tyrant cackles with evil glee then swoops down to tear into the other psyfleman Dreadnought. The gate had suddenly fallen opened and the hungry wolf sees the little lambs huddling inside the fold... They are not so big and bad without Big Brother so it's time to really start shred. The Ymgarl Genestealers converge upon the Paladins who no longer have their precious Sanctuary and proceed to rend them into little bits and pieces. It is a feeding frenzy—the denizens of the warp have fought back... Hey Grey Knights you just got something big and smelly handed to you. Heh !!

The game is really a fantasy that plays out inside your head over the course of each turn... It's all about those epic battles on a war torn battlefield in the far flung future. Who sez the good guys always win?

You can't win them all but our epic gaming moments are priceless. Me being primarily a competitive tournament gamer I know it's not possible to win every game but I still can have a good time by focusing on an awesome gaming moment when they happen like the one I described above. We have to take the good with the bad. Obviously we want more of the good but on the other hand a little good can go a long way when there are a lot of bad things constantly happening. But then again if you're doing it right it's all good. Right ? Yes indeed !!

So what are your favorite "epic moments" that turned hope into despair, or pulled a sizzling victory from the jaws of defeat?  I know you all have some great ones.  :-)

January 25, 2012

Wargames Gallery 1-25-2012

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Grots dream too...
Caption contest GO!

40K Review: Audio Drama: Thorn and Talon by Dan Abnett

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Frost here yet again to tell you about the latest audio drama from Black Library: Thorn and Talon.

Warmachine: Editorial- The Theory Trap

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I see far too many Warmachine players fall victim to theory when it comes to evaluating their units.  It's a big mistake that causes a lot of people to overlook otherwise solid choices.

40K BATTLE REPORT: Dark Eldar vs Blood Angels (Video)

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Hi everybody.

The BoLS video battle reports continue - This week we bring you two mobile elite assault armies facing off on the tabletop - Blood Angels versus the Dark Eldar. Caldera faces off against battle report newcomer Anthony. Let the killing of the plastic dudesmen begin!

Editorial: A Pirate's Booty!

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Reecius here from Frontline Gaming to discuss a hot button issue that faces all gamers. Piracy. It’s a topic we’re all familiar with. From music to movies to miniatures, there’s always someone willing to sell something that “fell off the back of a truck.”

January 24, 2012

Wargames Gallery 1-24-2012

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Announcing this year's contestants on "Arm Wrestling Superstars!"
Caption contest GO!

Dark Age APOCALYPSE: Game Play and Review

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So you've already gotten a brief tour of Samaria; the setting for Dark Age. Here's a quick look at the rules of the game.

WFB Tactics: Hammer and Anvil

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One of the most fundamental strategies of WFB is the Hammer and Anvil.  Today I'm going to help you assess what units you can use to best fill these roles.

BOLS Academy #6 - Firing into Ruins

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Hey Guys, this week we are going to talk about what happens when you fire into ruins.  I will go over a few details people typically get wrong and how it is supposed to work.  Enjoy.

Editorial: I Don't Believe In 'If' Anymore

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Wow!  The 6th Edition rules have dropped into our collective lap!  The Blogosphere is simply abuzz with well-meaning speculation, and before the wait well and truly began the wait is over!

January 23, 2012

Wargames Gallery 1-23-2012

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Swatting flys - Eldar style...
Caption contest GO!

40K Book Review:The Gildar Rift

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Howdy BoLS people, CrazyRedPraetorian here with my thoughts on the latest Battle Novel, The Gildar Rift. It is Sarah Cawkwell's first full novel and the style of writing is definitely different from the other Battle Novels that I have read.

Warmachine: Unboxing the Legion Battle Engine

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A monster of a battle engine showed up on our doorstep- the Throne of Everblight, the Legion's new battle engine.  Let's take a look!

40K Editorial: Balanced =/= Fun

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So we always talk about how we want the game to be completely balanced.  I dont know about you, but I would focus on fun first and foremost.

6th Edition Leak? Better Clean up that Mess!

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Goatboy here again talking about what is on most people's mind when it comes to 40k. WHERE IS MY CHAOS CODEX!!! Wait - that is on my mind. Instead let's talk about the 6th Edition "leak".

January 22, 2012

Wargames Gallery 1-22-2012

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pic submitted by aarghal

"HEY, he's gonna scratch the paint!"
Caption contest GO!

Tournaments: Team America Announcements

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Hello Everyone, Spacecurves here with a couple news items relating to Team America 40k.

Privateer Press: Weekly Roundup 1-22-2012

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Have jetpack - will travel.  It's a good week to be Cygnarian. The Minuteman arrives.

40K EDITORIAL: Ink for the Ink Gods

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I have tattoos. As those of you who have met me in person know they are an important part of who I am - as I think they are to anyone that has them. One thing I'm lacking right now is a gaming tattoo...

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