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October 31, 2012

Wargames Gallery 10-31-12

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"Cygnar - Bring the Lightning indeed!"

5th Annual Halloween Spooky Tales!

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Its that time of year again, and that can only mean its time for the 4th Annual BoLS Halloween Spooky Tales! Here the deal:

FoW: Review: Nuts!

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What do you say when your enemy, who has you outnumbered, outgunned, and surrounded, gives you an ultimatum to surrender or face certain death? If you are General McAuliffe of the 101st Airborne, your reply is “Nuts!”

FAQ: 40K Chaos Daemons Update!

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Speaking of Chaos Daemons... Games workshop just put up the latest FAQ.

40K: Daemons Ascendant?

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Howdy doodly, doo neighbors, Reecius here from Frontline Gaming to talk about a recent trend in 40K: Tzeentch Daemons stomping everyone’s face in!

October 30, 2012

Wargames Gallery 10-30-12

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"His name is Flipper, Flipper - king of the sea.."

SHOWCASE: 40k IG Tank Factory Battle - Join the Resistance!

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MBG here with another Armies on Parade where I display (in hopefully good detail) some great looking armies from major tournaments all across the United States.

WFB: A World Without Magic?!

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By Geoffrey Snider

My FLGS recently ran a WHFB league in which players cycled through all six rulebook scenarios (as well as a couple extra scenarios) for an eight-week period.  I tried it with no magic.

40K RUMORS: Dark Angels

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Here's the latest on the Dark Robed Sons of Caliban - Dark Angels rumors in 3,2,1,...

Brent: Daemons, Fliers, and Allies - Oh My!

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I'm only a few hours home from this year's Feast of Blades, held in beautiful Denver, Colorado.  Yup, mountain air - and not a hurricane in sight.

October 29, 2012

Wargames Gallery 10-29-12

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"Resistance is Futile"

40K: The Unbeatable List

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I'm just going to leave this Warhammer 40,000 list right here and let you all tell me why it destroyed all opposition.

WFB: Warriors of Chaos Arrive

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We've been talking about them for a while, and a big wave of Warriors of Chaos have gone up on the Games Workshop Advanced Order page.

40K: Paging Matt Ward - Ahem About that NightScythe...

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Warhammer 40,000 6th Edition is here to stay, and multiple large tournaments have shown show us the road ahead.  The Necron NightScythe may be the game's most broken unit.

Goatboy's 40k! It Was a Feast of Blades?

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Goatboy here again on a lovely Monday morning. Lets talk about what I saw at the first post CSM tournament.

October 28, 2012

Wargames Gallery 10-28-12

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"Arch-Champion of the Black Legion - Wreckin Ball McGee"
from Feast of Blades 2012

This Week in 40K Podcasting – 10/19/2012 – 10/25/2012

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Welcome to another "This Week in 40K Podcasting,”

Here is this week’s top 5!

Privateer Weekly Roundup 10-28-12

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Another week, and Privateer Press rolls out two limited edition models for Warmachine and Hordes.

30k: Legion Consuls 101

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Today lets talk about what is perhaps the most potent tool in the Horus Heresy Legion army list - the multi-purpose Legion Consul.

Faeit's 40k Rumor Tarot: Tactical Squads & Greater Daemons

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Wrapping up another week, we have rumors regarding a new tactical squad box, greater daemons, and a brief look into what is lying ahead of us into 2013. 

October 27, 2012

Wargames Gallery 10-27-12

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The Necron Menace!
from Feast of Blades 2012

Feast of Blades - 40k Table 1 Updates

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We've been tweeting away from the floor of Feast of Blades. Please check out the BoLS twitter feed to keep up with all the fun.

HOBBY: Gothic Marine Conversion - Dark Angels / Black Templars

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Check out this super easy to make "Gothic" styled loyalist Space Marine.

Plastic Dudesmen #85 - Trick or Treat?

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*Raw steak not included...

40k: Editioral - Fluff Bunnies Unite!

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Hey up, Mercer from Imperius Dominatus here. I am not going to bore you with tactics and other time absorbing waste. Just a simple discussion today, lets roll!

October 26, 2012

Wargames Gallery 10-26-12

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So if the Squig unit had a theme song, what would it be?

Outside the Box 10-26-12

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Another week gone, I finished Dishonored and somehow got bullied into building an Alpha Legion army. But enough of the pointless babbling, on to the shiny things! This week we have news from Warlord Games, GCT Studio, Spartan Games, Infinity, Mantic Games, Kingdom Death and Victoria Miniatures! Enjoy! And now with a very nice last minute addition from Knight Models ;)

Warmachine and Hordes: Hyperion and Woldwrath unboxing

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October brings Privateer Press fans two new huge based releases: the Hyperion for the Retribution of Scyrah, and the Woldwrath for the Circle of Orboros.  Let's start with the Iron Kingdom's favorite angry elves.

40K: The Ever Ubiquitous Landraider

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Hi everyone !!

This evening I'd like to discuss the role the landraider plays in both Space Marine (SM) and Chaos Space Marine (CSM) armies.

October 25, 2012

Wargames Gallery 10-25-12

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In the Grim Darkness of the Far Future there are No Carwashes...
tons more Imperial Fists pics here

Pre-Heresy 1k Sons - Feast of Blades Raffle Army

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Check out this sweet raffle army by Next Level Painting for this weekend's Feast of Blades Invitational Tournament!

Malifaux: Sonnia Criid Tactics

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“Fire is catching! And if we burn, you burn with us!”
Attributed to Cherufe

Hello everyone and welcome to the 2nd Malifaux tactics post here at BoLS. This is about another of the Guild Masters, namely Sonnia Criid everyones favourite Pyromancer.

40K NEWS: Trench-Bunker System Inbound

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It looks like the battlefields of WW1 are headed to a Warhammer 40,000 tabletop near you.

40K-WFB RUMORS: The Next 8 Months

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Its not often we get a rumored blueprint of what's in store for both Warhammer systems.  Let's see what the rumormill says.

October 24, 2012

Wargames Gallery 10-24-12

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I think his axe is compensating for something...

Warmachine - Hordes Unboxing: New Khador Heavy & Pyre Troll

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Two new plastic kits from Privateer Press hit stores this October.  Khador players get a price-reduced resculpt of two older warjacks along with the parts to build the brand new Demolisher.  Trollblood players get a resculpt of the Pyre Troll light warbeast.

WFB NEWS: Warriors of Chaos Minis

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The dread northmen have come Warhammer Fantasy fans!  Take a look at the latest from around the tubes.

40K BATTLE REPORT: Hello Chaos Marines!

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Hi everybody.

The BoLS video battle reports continue - Today we bring you our first new Chaos Space Marine battle report. Caldera's Slaanesh Warband faces down Minus67's biker Space Marine force. Get ready for a whole lot of DAKKA!

October 23, 2012

40K: Chaos Heavy Support Choice Strategies

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Hey everyone, Reecius, from Frontline Gaming, here again to discuss tactical choices in the Heavy Support Slots for Chaos.

Wargames Gallery 10-23-12

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submitted by reader rob

I don't think we brought enough ammo...

40K SHOWCASE: Necron Overlord Attack 101 (video)

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Longtime BoLS Friend Nick Kay is a freelance artist and just wrapped up another AMAZING piece of work (and video) of an attach by a Necron Overlord of the Ogdobekh Dynasty.  Feast your eyes on this:

FAQ: WFB Rulebook & More Updates!

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Games Workshop just dropped a whole set of Warhammer Fantasy FAQs on us.

HOBBY: Warring in a Winter Wonderland

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The Wolves of Fenris are always at home in the snow, and winter is coming.  My take on snow basing after the jump...

40K EDITORIAL: Brent's 2K Challenge

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It's a Terrible Tuesday... but this week that means it's only three days away from the Feast of Blades, my personal favorite tournament of last year's scene!  Woot!  I have only one question...

October 22, 2012

Wargames Gallery 10-22-12

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Legion Destroyer Squad - Here comes the Radiation!

DUST Warfare: List Building Planning & Pitfalls

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Howdy folks, OldHat from here again with some planning advice for those of you who have caught the Dust Warfare bug like I have. While a lot can be said for the importance of the Battle Builder, terrain placement, strategy and tactics – list building plays heavily into your ability to control certain factors, though metagame is a major factor, too. That being said, there are some major points for Dust Warfare that players should consider when assembling a list.

Warmachine Painting Review: The Kraken!

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Hey gang, Caldera here with a review on painting up The Kraken from Privateer Press.  In the video, Goatboy and I discuss what was great about painting the Cryx Colossal.

40K TACTICS: How to Assault Like a Pro - Pt. 2

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Let's Get Ready to RUMBLE!!!  Its time to dig into the details of duking it out in Warhammer 40000.

Goatboy's 40k - CSM - Friends with Benefits?

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Goatboy here again and I want to talk about something mean I found while building lists. Chaos Space Marines with Daemon allies.

October 21, 2012

Wargames Gallery 10-21-12

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"it came from facebook"

My other car is a Thunderhawk!

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