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November 30, 2012

Wargames Gallery 11-30-12

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pick submitted by Mike L.

Justice: When Grey Knights get rundown by Rough Riders!
What's your most embarrassing assault defeat?

Outside the Box 11-30-12

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Again I have a lot of nice stuff for you, including news from Warlord Games, Wyrd Miniatures , Mantic Games, GCT Studios, Infinity, Avatars of War, Infamy Miniatures, Tercio Creativo and Tabletop World, as well as a new bunch of interesting crowdfunding campaigns. Enjoy!

40K LORE: The Ultramarines Sailed the Ocean Blue in 1492?

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It was the year 1988 and the Ultramarines knew only one man was worthy of the title "Master of the Ships"

40k Editorial: Relax, Don't Do It - When You See Daemons

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So Daemons. Once again at the turn of an edition they are causing some waves amongst the community.

November 29, 2012

Wargames Gallery 11-29-12

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Rodan + Dinobots = Heldrake?

Goatboy's The 3rd Perspective - Mantic's Zombie Pack

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 It always starts small.

Goatboy starting off a new batch of malarkey today with the start of my new review series.

HOBBY: Death Guard Legion Malcador

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I recently finished my Horus Heresy Death Guard Legion Malcador.  Lets look at the pretty pictures.

Hordes - Woldwrath Play Experience Pt. 1

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I've managed to get in a few games with the Circle Orboros's new Gargantuan, the Woldwrath.  Just how does it stack up so far?

40k Editorial - Your Basic Defense...

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Hi everyone... it's your neighborhood Black Blow Fly here again. I'd like to address what I consider to be one of the most basic tenents to playing competitive 40k... Your basic defense can win you games on a consistent basis.

November 28, 2012

Wargames Gallery 11-28-12

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Kharne caption contest - GO!

BREAKING: LEGALWATCH: Summary Judgement is IN - GW vs Chapterhouse

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Justice Kennelly has handed down a Summary Judgement on the case.  Fasten your seatbelts...

Warmachine BATTLE REPORT: Khador vs Trollbloods

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Hi everybody.

The BoLS video battle reports continue - Today we bring you a glorious battle report from the Iron Kingdoms. Gentleben's beautiful Trollbloods take on Nick's Khador. Get ready for some Gunnbjorn vs eSorcha action!

Form Blazing Sword! Bay Area Open 2013 is a Go!

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Ready to form Voltron! Activate interlocks! Dyna-therms connected. Infra-cells up; mega-thrusters are go! Form feet and legs; form arms and body; and I'll form the head! 

Voltron plays in the team tournament!

Yeah, that's right everyone, Reecius here from Frontline Gaming to announce the launch of the Bay Area Open 2013, March 1-3!

40K RUMORS: Tau UBER-suit Latest

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You want Tau UBER-suit rumors - we got your UBER-Suit rumors. And ONE accurately-tasty morsel. 

November 27, 2012

Wargames Gallery 11-27-12

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You finish it - GO!

Review: Kromlech Orc Desert Raider

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Kromlech has a wide range of bits catering to the green skin in us all.  The Orc Desert Raider is a full vehicle kit with different weapon options.

1 toof -Far below average This product turned out to be a piece of junk. (rare)
2 teef - below average but not terrible. This product was a slight let down. (below average)
3 teef - Good, average, this product meets my expectations (average)
4 teef - superior to most of the products out there in either price, quality, etc this product goes above my expectations. (above average)
5 teef - Extremely high value or quality. This product blows me away. (rare)
Disclaimer:  I play 40k; I've played 40k since the 80's.  When I look at a model I look at it from the perspective of how can I use this in 40k?  That's not to say the model can't be used in alternative ways it’s just my perspective.

Quality:  The overall quality of the kit is quite high.  It went together very easily.  Everything fit nicely, there were no warped or broken pieces.
4 Teef

Value: I think this kit is a fair value.  Given that the GW buggy, which is extremely old and hidiously ugly is $30 an extra $10 gets you this nice Desert Raider buggy.  Initially I thought it was a bit high but after looking at the GW kit and comparing them I think it comes in okay.  It is a bit much when compared to the points cost of the ork buggy in the rules but that's true of most ork items.
3 Teef

Look/Feel:  I think the Desert Raider fits in with the ork line of miniatures very nicely.  Its definitly got that ramsheckled, thrown together look about it.  The orcs themselves are obviously modeled after the GW orks so that they look proper next to the rest of the boys.
3 Teef

Over all I really like the kit and plan to get a couple more to complete the unit.  It does also come with both big shootas and rokkets.  I think the big shootas like better but the rockets are probably a better choice game wise.  Kromlech also sells some of the parts separately such as the driver and wheels that would allow you to convert your own ork vehicles using some of these bits.

Questions, Comments? What do you think?

REVIEW: Flames of War - Open Fire (Video)

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Battlefront has just put out the most important and revolutionary product for Flames of War ever.  Take a look.

40K Editorial - Allies and Fan Enthusiasm

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I've been thinking about something after a few months of 6th edition.  I'm wondering if Allies are short-term gain for long-term pain?

40K Rumors - Dark Angels and Tau Latest

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Latest on the Dark Angels models - straight ahead. Time to put on our detective coats...  Also a Tau blast from the past. 

November 26, 2012

Wargames Gallery 11-26-12

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pic submitted by Scumcleaner

Paging Shas'O Ripley - Report to the Hangar Deck!
Caption contest - GO!

HOBBY: Blessings of the Plaguefather

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Here is a guide showing how I went about painting the new Plaguebearers and Nurglings using a simple scheme and easy techniques.

LotR: The Hobbit Unveiled by GW

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It's been a very, very long time coming - but Games Workshop has pulled the covers off The Hobbit Launch miniatures and games at last.

40K: Chaos Space Marines 101 - Named Characters

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Hey guys, lets take a look at the villains of the Chaos Space Marines in detail. Oh, and Death to the False Emperor!

Goatboy's 40K Monday - Less is More

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Goatboy here again chatting about 40k nonsense as usual.  I hope everyone survived Thanksgiving and the Black Friday nonsense afterwards.

November 25, 2012

Wargames Gallery 11-25-12

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pic submitted by Rich B.

When Colossals die...
Caption contest - GO!

SHOWCASE: Adeptus Mechanicus Blood Angels

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Hey guys, MBG here with a Showcase of my Ad Mech Blood Angels / Space Marine Army!

Skorne: Practical Magic

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There's been a lot of talk about theme forces lately on the forums. Let's look at one of my favorites.

Faeit's 40k Rumor Tarot: Release Order, Daemons, and the Templars

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This weeks rumor discussions revolved mostly around Dark Angels and Chaos Daemons being released through January and February of the upcoming new year. Mixed in we have some Black Templar in the news, and some miscellaneous bits.

November 24, 2012

Wargames Gallery 11-24-12

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Thunderwolves can FLY!
Caption contest - GO!

NEWS: Kingdom Death Kickstarter is Live

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Kingdom Death launches their Kickstarter - You NEED to see this!

Plastic Dudesmen # 89 - You Got to Be Fit to Win!

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Food goes in my belly!

40K NEWS: Forgeworld Autocannons, Volkites and More

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Just in time for the holidays - Forgeworld brings out a bunch of Heresy kits that I have a feeling will have broad appeal.

November 23, 2012

Wargames Gallery 11-23-12

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Da White Baron stirkes again!
Caption contest - GO!

NEWS: Hobbit Releases

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Here's the latest on the Games Workshop initial Hobbit releases said to be headed your way very early December.

Outside the Box 11-23-12

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Oh my god, the last week was crazy - everybody is throwing new releases and Black Friday offers around and I have to keep track of all of this :). Anyway, this week I feel the urge to give you a short run-down of interesting new crowdfunding campaigns, too. And of course we have the usual bunch of awesomeness from Warlord Games, Studio McVey, Spartan Games, GCT Studios, Kromlech, Perry Miniatures, Infinity, Avatars of War and Stronghold Terrain!

2000 pts. of Khornate Insanity w/ Kharn & the Skulltaker

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Here is a 2k Khornate allied army list I have put together featuring a dynamic duo I have always wanted to pair up for a long long time...

November 22, 2012

HAPPY THANKSGIVING! - Rogue-Trader-2nd Edition Open Thread

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Thanksgiving poster - 1960s

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! The turkey is gone, and most of us are asleep. Only the hardened core remain. Now is the time to throw back a few beverages and talk of the heady days of HIGH ADVENTURE!

Eat up, and enjoy this open thread:

Warhammer 40k Rogue Trader and 2nd Edition

~Urge to resist tryptophan failing, failing...
Get your wallet ready for BLACK FRIDAY SALES!!!

HAPPY THANKSGIVING! - 4th-3rd Edition Open Thread

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Thanksgiving Art Nouveau Piece - 1895

Happy Thanksgiving everyone, time for us vets to dial back the clock, loosen our belts and talk about the tales of Warhammer 40k yore!

Eat up, and enjoy this open thread:

Warhammer 40k 4th-3rd Edition

~The tryptophan is growing stronger, stronger...

HAPPY THANKSGIVING! - 40K 6th-5th Edition Open Thread

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Norman Rockwell: Freedom From Want - 1943

Happy Thanksgiving everyone, and thank you for being part of our growing BoLS family!

Eat up, and enjoy this open thread:

Warhammer 40k 6th  Edition (and reminisces from 5th)

~Don't say we didn't warn you about the tryptophan...

November 21, 2012

Wargames Gallery 11-21-12

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This reminds me of those nature shows where the otters gang up on a crocodile
Caption contest - GO!

WFB: Skullcrushers and You!

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There's a new kid on the block, and it's clad in a 1+ armour save with T5... Ouch!

40K RUMORS: Black Templars Update

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Black Templars players have been stuck in limbo since 6th arrived, awaiting word on the fate of their Crusading Zealots.  Here's the latest.

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