40K : Dark Angels ELITES

Hey guys, Learn2Eel here, and I’m back here to give my initial thoughts on the awesome new Dark Angels

I hope this first impressions and review is both helpful and enjoyable for any and all aspiring Dark Angels players, or even those who are looking at what to expect from the first legion! Lets dive right in.


Company Veterans Squad – Somewhat more costly than Tactical Marines with higher Leadership and attacks, Company Veterans are unique in that they can all take a combination of storm bolters, combi-weapons and special melee weapons. Interestingly, Company Veterans also have access to storm shields at a very reasonable price – be aware though that the costs will add up, and that sheer weight of bolter fire will still rip these guys to shreds. With the weapons they can bring, I would advise teaming them up as a “hunting party” – give them a mix of combi-plasmas and combi-meltas, take a Drop Pod and dive right into the thick of it, causing havoc in a very nasty alpha strike. A good unit that should be used according to the wargear options they have.

Deathwing Terminator Squad – Fearless Terminators that pack a host of special rules, from Hatred (Chaos Space Marines) to Split Fire and Vengeful Strike (twin-linked weapons the turn you deep strike!). Combined with the way Deathwing Assault works – essentially a Drop Pod assault on turn 1 or 2 (your secret choice) – Deathwing Terminators are very nice units with great shooting capabilities, though they are somewhat more expensive than most other Terminators. Taking this into account, a slew of options is available to each unit – from Cyclone Missile Launchers to Thunder Hammers and Storm Shields. In that sense, I feel Deathwing are the kind of Terminators that aren’t found too often – Terminators that are very good at dakka. With access to a heavy weapon per five men (heavy flamers, plasma cannons, assault cannons, and the afore-mentioned cyclone missile launchers) and their alpha-strike based rules, Deathwing Terminators can lay on the hurt in a unique way – shooting four storm bolters into a horde of Cultists whilst simultaneously firing two krak missiles into the exposed rear armour of a Predator, and all shots twin-linked, is as glorious as it sounds. Deathwing are still very good in combat – though the cost of thunder hammers and storm shields and their awesome rules may dissuade you from taking a combat-centric approach. Be careful with your Deathwing, and they will serve you exceedingly well.

Deathwing Knights – If you want a hammer, you’ve come to the right place – storm-shield wielding Terminators with power mauls, Deathwing Knights are very nasty. Once per game, they can ‘Smite’ – essentially guaranteeing whatever you are in combat with will die – and this is where an Interrogator Chaplain comes in very handy! With Weapon Skill 5 and Hammer of Wrath, they can lay on the hurt – but they can soak it up very well in a way usual storm-shield wielding Terminators can’t, because if they bunch up, they all count as Toughness 5, making them an equally hardy anvil. With Fearless, Precision Strikes and extra nasty abilities against Chaos Space Marines, Deathwing Knights are an effective and fun unit to use – they will most certainly be a high priority target the turn they arrive. As a side note, they can take a funny little additional model – a Relic of the Unforgiven, which grants them Adamantium Will and Fear. It is ok for the points, but ultimately an unnecessary upgrade.

Dreadnought – Cheap and effective as always, the Dreadnought is both versatile and heavily customizable. In general, when fielding Dreadnoughts, the recommended load-out is either two twin-linked autocannons for efficient long-range anti-tank, or a multi-melta and heavy flamer with an attached Drop Pod to devastate opponents at close range quickly. For a very fair increase in points, it can be made a Venerable Dreadnought – giving it the ‘Deathwing Vehicle’ special rule, making it harder to destroy in one shot, boosting its stat-line and also giving it Preferred Enemy: Chaos Space Marines! Ultimately, the Dreadnought is a useful unit that mostly tends to work only in the two afore-mentioned builds, though it is cheap enough to use in another capacity. 

In Summary – All of the options are worthwhile, though I feel the Deathwing Terminators are the most effective and versatile unit in this section – though a mixture of any other unit is certainly viable.

You can read even more Dark Angels thoughts in the Lounge here.  Have at it folks!

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