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January 9, 2013

40K RUMORS: The Xenos Are Coming!

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Warhammer 40,000 fans, we're hearing that all that xenos-imperial-xenos codex stuff is a bunch of malarkey...

Get ready boys and girls because multiple birds are now tweeting to prepare for the following in 2013:

Tau Empire - Chatter says look for a "closer relations" between the Tau Empire and the Imperium.
Chaos Daemons - Possible Fantasy book dual release like last time around.
Eldar - Expect lots of amazing models with this one - the Eldar are Jes' babies after all.

Let the Imperium burn my friends - let it burn!!!

Tau are said to be arriving in early Spring (with that Uber-suit), with jockeying for position between the Chaos Daemons and Eldar for who gets the Late Summer and Fall slots.

Yes there are distant mumblings of both the Black Templars and the Tyranids getting some Games Workshop Studio attention, but nothing rules-wise for this year.  The Crusade Fleets can at least feel happy that apparently they won't get folded into the Space Marine book.

Also for the record, it has now been 9 months since the last Warhammer Fantasy army book - Empire.  Just putting that out there.  Who do you think deserves to be released first, Eldar or Chaos Daemons?

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