40K/WFB RUMORS: Chaos Daemons Inbound

Fasten your seatbelts boys and girls – the Ruinous Powers are coming to a tabletop near you.  Here’s the latest.

Voices in the Wind say:


Look for dual 40K/WFB Chaos Daemons army book-codexes in Feb/March.
They should be in the March White Dwarf, and hit the street end of February

New Models (cut this list into two equal sized waves – one with the codex, one following up a quarter later). 
- All four Greater Daemon plastic kits with named options
- Plastic Furies, dual-option kit with “Flesh Terrors”

- Plastic Khorne Chariot, herald, dual kit with a cannon, pulled by Bloodcrushers
- Plastic Tzeentch Chariot, herald, dual kit with “flame-beast” pulled by screamers, ( 40k: a Skimmer)
- Plastic Nurgle Palanquin, (chariot), carried by Nurglings, (combines with Nurgle GD kit for named character model – Ku’gath)
- Nurgle Plague-flies jetbikes/monsterous cavalry (40K-Elites, WFB-Rares)
- New Daemon-engine, bipedal with atypical porportions, uses ectoplasmic weaponry of CSMs, has numerous options for CC or Ranged loadout. (40K- Heavy, WFB-Special)
- New Daemon flying MC. (40K-Fast Attack-flyer, WFB-Rare)

- Daemon Princes with Wings will move slots in 40K.
- Look for across the board points increases in the codex/army book.

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