REVIEW: Hobby Zone Paint Station

I recently got a hold of six of the Paint Stations from Hobby Zone over in Poland and thought we would do a quick review.

The stations arrive in flat sheets nicely packaged in a cardboard box. Building the station is very simple.

 The first step is to attach the long piece with the Hobby Zone logo across the bottom. Once you have done that, glue the larger holder onto the back frame. We recommend using wood glue to hold everything together.

The next step is to attach the smaller holder. Take care to match it with the back frame so the two side frames can be put on.

Once you have the top piece assembled, glue it into the slots on the base and stack some heavy books into the station and allow it to dry.

There you have it, a completed station. Here is our review:

Ease of Assembly: 4 Stars (out of 5)

The kits went together amazingly except for once piece. There is a second smaller strip between the middle and top layers that we couldn’t manage to fit into the slot. We snapped all six of these.

Keep in mind that all six of our sets were the Small size. On the larger stations that should fit fine. Anyways, the kits hold together fine without these parts. Other than that we had no problems at all and we did not have to sand or trim any pieces for them to fit.

Durability: 4 Stars (out of 5)

The problem with the old Citadel painting station was that it could warp if glue or water was spilled on it. The Hobby Zone Paint Stations are made from the same material but have a nice white laminated sheet covering the top to protect the hardboard from any spills. It would have been a little nicer if these extended over the entire surface area of the wood.

Usability: 5 Stars  (out of 5)

The Paint Station is a great way to keep your hobby area organized. They are a perfect fit for paints and paintbrushes of almost all sizes. There are 10 holes for regular sized brushes towards the front and 8 holes for smaller brushes towards the back. You can specify the size of the paint canister slots when you order. One size fits the dropper bottles we use and the other fits canned paints like Citadel colors. If you run multiple projects at once like we do, having multiple Paint Stations allows you to jump back and forth without shuffling your entire work area. These Stations are also great for people who like to paint in different rooms; they are very portable and the slots prevent your materials from sliding around.

Value: 5 Stars  (out of 5)

These stations are almost a steal at less than $20.00 each (retail is 59,00 zł). The larger variant is about $29.00 and the Professional size is a little over $35.00. Compare this to the Citadel Paint Station + that retails at $70.00; the Citadel Paint Station + measures 42x28cm. The Paint Station is almost the same size at 40x30cm and hold almost twice as many brushes. The Professional Paint Station measures 60x40cm and holds 20 paintbrushes. 

Final Verdict: 4.5 Stars  (out of 5)

The Hobby Zone Paint Station is an excellent, affordable way to get your hobby organized. So what are you waiting for? Transform your hobby area from this unorganized mess…


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Thank you for reading everyone, check out Hobby Zone’s Painting Stations and other storage solutions on their website:

What are you favorite organization ideas?

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