40K RUMORS: Flyer Book Inbound This Week

More drips and drabs are coming out about that surprise Flyer Supplement coming this week!

First let’s bring you up to speed with the basics:

Death From the Skies

Ships Saturday 16th February (no advanced order)
– 72p full colour, softback, Warhammer 40,000 Compendium
– Contains flyers painted by the ‘Eavy Metal team
– Updated 6th Edition rules for the following Flyers:

– Stormraven (that can now be used in Codex: Space Marines and Codex: Black Templars)
– Stormtalon Gunship
– Valkyrie and Vendetta
– Ork Dakka Jet, Burna Bommer and Blitza Bommer
– Necron Night Scythe and Doom Scythe
– Dark Eldar Razorwing and Void Raven

– New scenarios
– Dog-fighting rules (from Crusade of Fire)

Then the latest stuff: (via Warseer’s Romeras)

Can confirm guys, definitely going ahead, nothing new in it just a compilation of all the flyer rules into one handy supplement, supposed to be au $35 so for every one else about half that price lol. Storm ravens are definitely able to be taken for Space Marines and Black Templar, but that’s the only change.

Death from the Skies Conversation
BoLS Lounge

~Hmmm, what’s your take on this one?  A must supplement like Apocalypse, or an also-ran like the Wargear book?

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