Daemon Pics + Rules March 2013 White Dwarf Review

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I just got done reading the eagerly anticipated March White Dwarf that features the new Daemon models, and while it seemed a little lackluster to me content-wise there was a ton of rules for the Daemon hidden about in the issue.

Once again from the onset there seemed to be a lot of hate for the new model designs when they were leaked a few weeks ago, but after seeing them in print (especially the Plague Drone) I don’t think they look that bad after all IMHO.

New models aside, this issue just like in February’s White Dwarf, had all the normal articles, (from Kit Bash to Paint Splatter) but featured no new article segments at all.

This White Dwarf was about 150 pages, and again a full 1/3 of this magazine was devoted to new products and their reviews (which included FFG licensed products as well as Forge World, and Black Library previews).

The highlight of the issue for me (and what many of you are probably interested in as well) was the Battle Report that pitted the new Daemons versus Space Marines in an objective based mission.

The studio miniatures and terrain for the battle report was of course gorgeous as normal, and once again the use of the Wall of Martyrs lines I felt added a a lot of realism to the table as well.

The Paint Splatter and Kit Bash articles were some other bright spots in the magazine, as this time they gave a few tips as to how the ‘eavy Metal team painted the new models. Then it went into the more attainable painting techniques for the four flavors of chaos.

Kit Bash featured a spread of great looking Ork flyers, that made me wonder if they knew they would be releasing the flyer supplement this month (well that and the fact the Imperial Fists army from the bat rep takes two Stormtalons that use their new “strafing run” rule)

Parade Ground was back this month with a surprise third installment of amazing Golden Demon entries to drool over.

Rules wise there was a surprising amount of the new rules scattered about the magazine, that confirmed a ton of rumors about the codex from over the last few weeks.

Checkout the video below for a more comprehensive look at this issue and the new models.

I also talk in depth about all the new Daemon rules I uncovered the end of the video!  -MBG

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