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February 17, 2013

Faeit's 40k Rumor Tarot: The Apocalypse is Here

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Massive earth shattering armies. Destruction on a level never seen before, as armies rampage across the universe. A new apocalypse book is in this weeks rumors.

The veil has parted, revealing the thundering sounds of Cannons. Titans, the machines of war destroying everything standing before them. Nothing is safe, and there is no where to hide. The apocalypse is nigh.

This week was a busy one in the way of our Hobby news, but somehow the rumors came up short on information. Of course we were all on edge (at least I was) about whether or not we were going to see the new compendium "Death From the Skies", and Chaos Daemons are still veiled in the fog of war. 

This weeks rumor round up is quick and to the point, there is a new apocalypse supplement rumored to be coming to us this summer from Games Workshop. The information comes to us from Faeit 212, and is the following.

*New Apocalypse book set for release in June/ July
*Contents Include
-Rules for 6th edition including new point costs
-New formations including flying squadrons
-New Asset Card
-New Scenarios
-Battle Reports

It will be nice to get new rules for our apoc games, as currently its a mismatched rule set that needs an update for 6th edition. There really is nothing like fielding 1000's of points on the tabletop with huge warmachines of destruction at your fingertips. So with new 6th edition rules, I can see myself finally getting back to those large scale games that I recall so fondly.

Make sure to check back here at Bell of Lost Souls often to find out the latest on what is coming, and then join the conversation over on Faeit 212.

Apocalypse will surely be a welcome update with new formations and rules, what do you like best about apocalypse games?
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