Legion of Everblight: Afflictor

Hello everyone, Caldera here to bring you news of our latest addition to Legion!  The Afflictor.  He has a cool nickname that has been coined from the Privateer Press Legion Forum already but I can’t mention that here.  It is very fitting for what he does though!  More after the jump.

So as part of the new Gargantuans book slated to come out sometime in march this year, all Hordes factions are getting some new units.  One of ours is the Afflictor.  If you haven’t already been fiendishly following this new toy or haven’t heard about it yet, let me tell you the exciting news about this new Light warbeast!

This is a 4 point Light warbeast that has the same defensive stats as the Naga and the same Spd/Mat as our other melee beasts.  He has Flight, Soulless, Blood Creation and Inscrutable.  Mostly the normal abilities you  expect with Legion beasts.  Inscrutable is new however and quite interesting.  This means he cannot be taken control of by your opponent.  I am not sure at this point how powerful that ability will be on a 4pt Light Warbeast but it’s cool nonetheless.

His tail is his only weapon and has the same P+S as a Hand Cannon with reach.  So he packs a nice 11 inch threat range and also has the hallmark of Eyeless Sight.  No hiding behind forests!  Not bad for 4pts right?  Eh, it’s nothing to write home about, but wait there’s more!  His tail causes Infection!  What this means is, once per activation when you Box an enemy warrior model you can remove the boxed model and replace it with an Incubi.  Holy cow it’s a chest burster!  How cool is that!?

His animus is new to Legion and very interesting.  Coerced Protector.  A very legion-y sounding name isn’t it?!  It costs the same as tenacity and has a range of self, so only the beast or your caster can use it.  What it does is give the target Sacrificial Pawn[Soulless Warrior] for one round.  You mean we can be like Terminus now!?  Sounds like fun.  We don’t have a whole lot of Soulless warrior model options yet though.  The Spell Martyr and Incubi.  Still, they are neat options and this mechanic works well with Kallus.

The total threat range for this guy is very nice indeed.  Launch him at an enemy warrior, kill it and spawn an Incubi.  Then the Incubi can activate and charge something as well with a max threat of 21.5 inches away!  That is some incredible threat range and hard to fight against.  It’s a great way to get at hard to kill solos hiding in the back.  Looking at you Gorman!!! lol.  All and all this is a nice addition to our Faction and I hope you guys find it as exciting as I do!

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