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February 8, 2013

Outside the Box 02-08-13

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Hello again to Outside the Box. This week is crazy, I could easily write another full-length article without any trouble! Come in and enjoy another massive update on what's cool this week! And did somebody say "Mutant Chronicles"?

Warlord Games
New releases for Bolt Action, including a new AA vehicle for the Third Reich and a pdf list with additional units. But most exciting is the announcement of another plastic vehicle kit, the soviet T-34/85
 Additionally the Swedish Leather Gun for the Pike&Shotte range is now available:

Spartan Games   

A whole bunch of new Dystopian Wars land units will arrive with the Armored Clash rules:

The next releases for Malifaux have been announced:

Studio Girladez published a picture of the Crusader Brethren with HMG

Knight Models
New releases for the Arkham City Skirmish including Scarecrow, Talia al Ghul and Bane in the Nolan-movie version and more:

A new preview of the Celestials for Kings of War has been shown:
Outlaw Miniatures
With their Wild West Exodus Kickstarter still going strong Outlaw Miniatures is pumping out artwork and miniature renders:
--> More Outlaw Miniatures News  

A new wave of miniatures for Carnevale has been announced including this crocodile:

GCT Studios presents Ito Itsunagi for the Ito Clan:
Two new miniatures for EDEN have been revealed, Dunbar the Mercenary and the Carmin Oniro drone for ISC:

Sergeant Parker will lead the female troops in Raging Heroes upcoming Kickstarter:

Lead Adventure presents an Assassin for their Bruegelburg range:

Puppetswar released the Warriors in Combat Armor:

And Fractured Dimensions showed another of their amazing demons:
--> More Fractured Dimensions News

Still waiting for the Mutant Chronicles stuff, aren't you? 
Prodos Games announced to restart the system under the name Warzone Resurrection!

What's new on the crowdfunding front? Not a lot of new, but nevertheless cool 
stuff this week:
Jawaballs - Painting Guide DVDs on Kickstarter
And always remember, if you want to stay up to date, head over to The Tabletop Fix for daily news about the hobby! 

Wow, what a week... Mutant Chronicles is coming back!  And I am very excited to see where Outlaw Games and Raging Heroes will take their Kickstarter campaigns!
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