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February 15, 2013

Outside the Box 02-15-13

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It's that time of the week again, welcome to Outside the Box! This week with news from Warlord Games, Kromlech, Spartan Games, Infinity/Micro Art Studios, Taban Miniatures, Mantic Games, Outlaw Miniatures, Prodos Games, GCT Studio, Cipher Studios, Antenocitis Workshop and Osprey Publishing as well as new interesting Kickstarter projects. Enjoy!

Warlord Games
A rather slow week at Warlord Games, the germanic Tribesmen join the Hail Caesar range and new Woodland Indians are available for the French-Indian War:
The next big wave of Spartan Games releases will hity stores on April 3rd, including the first tanks for Dystopian Legions:
Dystopian Wars will get a bunch of new land units for the Armored Clash mini-expansion:
A new RSN starter bundle, the Star Port and the Repair Station will be added to the Firestorm Armada range:
And last, but not least, the Uncharted Seas rulebook is now available as a free download:

Kromlech published a preview of new heavy Orc infantry:

New official scenery for Infinity is now available from Micro Art Studio:
Taban Miniatures 
The next wave of EDEN miniatures has been announced:
A new Throrgarim Hero and a re-backed Drakkarim squad will be available soon
 --> More Mantic Games News  

The first pictures of actual miniatures for Mutant Chronicles Warzone Resurrection have been published by Prodos Games

Outlaw Miniatures
Again we got a lot of new artworks including wave 2 bosses and alternative poses for teh Hired Hands:

--> More Outlaw Miniatures News  
GCT Studio present the artwork for Uk-Kang who will be part of the upcoming Savage Wave:

The 15mm version of the G.O.T. Warthog is now available:

Cipher Studios presents new miniatures for their upcoming Helldorado Inferno Kickstarter

And Osprey Publishing announced a new Steampunk/Pulp skirmish game called In Her Majesty's Name featuring miniatures from North Star Military Figures:

It's scary how many Kickstarter campaigns are coming! The new Osprey game looks interesting, and I have to buy a bunch of these adorable 15mm Warthogs :)
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