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February 26, 2013

Team America 40k: Adapting to the Future

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As work progresses for the 2013 team, we reflect on the past and look forward to adapting to our future.  

Hello Everyone, Greg Sparks a.k.a. Inquisitor_Malice, here today.  With the books closed on 2012 and a bright future looking beyond the Mayan Calendar, we have several updates for Team America 40K.  First off is a recap of events for 2012.  

2012 ETC 
We had a lot of fun with many of our friends in Gorzow, Poland.  From great food and drink (40 shots of Jaeger for 100 Zloty/$33) to all of the great games, it was once again an experience like none other.  I want to thank all 2012 team members for their contributions.  The camaraderie amongst our team members makes this an experience like none others.    

With all the great times though, Team America 40K had a rough year at the 2012 ETC.  Many mitigating factors combined for a 19th overall finish out of 28 teams.  This placing in my opinion is not acceptable.  Other teams adapted by increasing their level of focus and preparation for the ETC.  In order to compete, Team America 40K needs to and will adapt as well.    

2013 Team Qualification I spoke with team captains from numerous countries and one major difference is when the final selection for team representatives is complete. Several European teams are formed in January, which provides more than seven months of team strategy development, army planning and practice. Team America has for the past two years known our full team less than four months prior to the event. Coupled with the fact that a two month lead time is required for army submission, the timeline for us to plan is really less than two months. Based on this information, there will be a change to the 2013 team qualification requirements. We are moving the 2013 Bay Area Open and AdeptiCon 2013 Warmaster to the 2014 Team America 40K qualifications. This will allow the entire team to be known by the end of 2013, which will provide eight plus months of preparation for the 2014 team. In order to make up for the gaps in the 2013 team, we are applying the Wild Card slot early and using a Captains Choice for the spot left vacant from the AdeptiCon 2013 Warmaster. 2013 Team Accounting for the changes above, we now have the following team members: Greg Sparks (ETC Team America 40K Captain) Joe Cherry (ETC 2012 Team Veteran) Brad Chester (ETC 2012 Team Veteran) Jon Willingham (ETC 2012 Team Veteran) Alan Bajramovic (WargamesCon 2012 Champion) Tony Kopach (NOVA 2012 Open Champion)
Andrew Gonyo (2013 Captain’s Choice)
Wild Card Slot (Captain's Choice)

Ben Mohlie had to bow out from the Wild Card Slot due to other professional commitments.  However, With the majority of the early formation of Team America 2013 nearly complete, we will be able to coordinate team strategy/practice sessions at major events where possible.  Sessions will be held at AdeptiCon and WargamesCon.  We plan to have a coordinated team practice in Toledo sometime in July.  For  those who are interested in meeting up with the team and practicing games, please send me an email at

Updated Website
Team America 40K has completely updated our website.  Alan Bajramovic and Brandon Vallee have worked hard to reinvigorate the teams home page.  New pictures, videos, biographies, ablog and more are now on  Team America 40K swag is available for sale with the proceeds helping to cover the travel costs of team members.  Look for up to date posts on Team America 40K activities on both the blog and Facebook page.
For those who are interested in participating in the army design, team strategy and practicing processes, the team forums are perfect opportunity for you to interact with the team. Forum access is available to US community members. Members can register at Note that forum registration receives a lot of spam registration requests. So please send me an email at when you register so I can actively look for your request. Overall, we look forward to facing off, hanging out and eating/drinking with everyone in Novi Sad, Serbia for 2013.

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