Faeit’s 40k Rumor Tarot: Tau, Eldar, and Tyranids

Some weeks, the rumor mill is rather quiet, and you have to really listen to find anything of usefulness. This was not one of those weeks. This week’s rumor round-up included the Tau, a few Eldar bits, and even the far off Tyranids.

Besieged on all sides and from within, the Imperium faces an array of alien threats poised to strike mankind from the stars. They are nothing more than scavengers, feeding on the weak and scared, deserving of nothing more than to be purged at every opportunity.

Back in the Fall of 2012 we had a release order from Hastings that is very much cannon on what we consider to be next in line. On that list, Tau are listed as next, and then this last week we had people coming out of the woodwork with bits of Tau information. It seems that not all Tau models and codex are available anymore. Most rumors are pointing towards an April release.

Here is the latest bits on Tau from Faeit 212

*None of the Forgeworld suits will be in the new Tau codex.
*There are two new suits, however and the crisis and broadsides are both being redone and are very distinct from one another.
*The hazard suits will remain as a Forgeworld supplement and are even referenced in the fluff in a few places. They’re just non-standard issue and still considered in prototype for various reasons.
*The Kroot hq replaces the 1+ requirement on fire warriors with a Kroot unit.
*And the book is finished. Has been for a while. 

Last week we had a decent set of rumors about a Tau codex, which is still looking like the 3rd Quarter of this year for a release date. This week, Larry Vela, here on Bols has a follow up to that set, including a new Eldar large tank, and two box sets: Guardian/storm guardian combo box, and a Guardian Jetbike/ Shining Sperar combo box.

While an Eldar release appears to be at least 6 months out, there is a lot to get excited about. Here is the link to last weeks Rumor Tarot if you missed out on the larger rumor set.
Last Week’s Rumor Tarot

Tyranids are still in the playtesting phases, and very likely the early ones at that. With no codex probably coming until early to mid 2014, these rumors are still early, and will probably look a lot different when the codex hits. Below, I am only posting up the highlights of the two sets that we were given this week.

*Tyranids are still being playtested.
*Several new bugs (not all will make it).
*The ability to tailor make your bugs and “evolve them” into being very specific, or keep them cheap and generalized.
*Better ways to help close with the enemy.
*No new transport options, but a couple new deployment options.
*Carnifexes are in the elite and heavy support sections (but have different options)
*While broods are the same base cost as the current dex, additional gaunts are dirt cheap.
*Rippers are cheaper.
*Ability to build around “free” units coming in from reserve throughout the game (from different sources, but it’s the same special rule), but they do not score.
*Can go the other route and bugzilla it up and have all (including scoring) monstrous creatures.
*The goal is to go mass or massive or anything in between.
*The big text on the design board (figuratively speaking) is “Every Unit Viable. Every unit desirable.”

The last little bits are that a new Apocalypse supplement is due this Jun/July. Its a long needed and wanted release, and there are several rumors that have been hanging around for a long time, that need to be addressed.

The first is that there is no plastic Thunderhawk Gunship coming. Shaso_Iceborn (rumor source) has heard a few bits that a plastic Warhound could be in the works, but also to not get your hopes up. Its very likely from what we have been hearing that a couple large plastic kits could be on their way this summer.

Just remember though that these are all rumors, although we have many sources all claiming that Apocalypse is about to be redone.

Make sure to check back here at Bell of Lost Souls often to find out the latest on what is coming, and then join the conversation over on Faeit 212.

Tau are next and coming as early as April and will give us the third released 40k codex this year. What do you think about it and about how quickly Games Workshop is releasing army updates?

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