This Week in 40K Podcasting – 02/22/2013 – 02/28/2013

Welcome to another “This Week in 40K Podcasting,”

Here is this week’s top 5!
Deepstrike Radio – Episode 54
Highlights:  This week the crew, less Big Jim, takes their first look at Codex Dark Angels!  They opened up the show with what they have been doing lately in the hobby and gaming.  Next, in the ‘News’ segment, the cast cover the latest releases from GW, including ‘Death from the Skies’.  They also discussed the recent copyright/trademark issues that came about with GW and the book ‘Spots the Space Marine’, and the latest releases from the Black Library, Forgeworld, and the third part market.  Next up in the ‘Librarius’, the cast go into great detail on the story of the Dark Angels.  They cover their homeworld of Caliban, and what is left of it, and some of the history of the planet and it’s Primarch Lion El’Jonson.  They then moved on to discuss more about the chapter themselves, including the banning of Luther, the rivalry between the Dark Angels and the Space Wolves, and much more.  They also discuss the chapter’s internal issues during the Horus Hersey, who feel, who didn’t fell, the fall of Caliban and how half of the chapter fell to Chaos.  They moved on to discuss the Dark Angels as they are now, which included the ‘Rock’, the Ravenwing, the Deathwing, and a lot of what makes the Dark Angels unique, including their hunting of the Fallen.  They moved on to discuss a lot of the major Characters in Dark Angel history, including Azrael, Belial, and Cypher!  They closed out the show with the ‘Briefing Room’ where they answered some questions from their fans, covering such topics like the Ork gods and the Emperor’s treatment of the Primarchs! 
Opinion:  I need to apologize to the DSR staff as this should have made in last week’s article, however my RSS feed did not like them that week.  DSR is quickly become my home for the true background of the 40K universe and the cast did not disappoint when covering the First Legion!  This was just outstanding coverage of the full story of the most controversial chapter of Space Marines.  I learned so much and enjoyed its presentation.  Great work guys, easily my top pick for the week!  Check it out!
40K UK – Episode 63 ***Explicit***
Highlights:  This week is dedicated to the crew’s preparations for the ‘Battlefield Birmingham’ tournament.  They opened up the show with ‘War Stories’ where Dave and BJ talk about the games they have been playing to prepare for this event.  This included some discussion on the new FAQ, the soon to be released Daemons, Necron Wraithwing, and BJs new Tau army.  Next up was round five of ‘the Big Fight’ where Epidemius from the Daemons and Nemesor Zahndrekh square off in a fight to the death!  They then cover the loser of the battle and his usefulness in great detail.  Then in the ‘Tournament Report’, Dave, Nathan, and Franco all sat down to discuss their preparations for ‘Battlefield Birmingham’.  They first cover some of the details of the tournament itself, including the point value and some of the scoring, some of the missions that will appear there, and much more.  They then decided to run down each of their lists, describing them in great detail including their tactics going into the event.  They then move on to discuss some of the first round draws that they already know are schedule and some of the interesting matchups that are coming! 

Opinion:  I really liked this week’s show, and I for one appreciated the shorter format.  Keep this up guys!  The preparations for an event were easily a show unto itself and jammed full of great information and thoughts for preparing for a big event like this.  Of course, the Big Fight was also pretty interest with a surprise ending as far as I am concerned.  Great work guys!

Screaming Heretic – Episode 41 ***Explicit***
Highlights:  This week’s show is focusing on Speed Painting!  They open up the show by announcing a shorter show format!  They move on to their hobby and gaming updates!  They move on to the main topic for the show, Techniques to speed painting your army.  First, they discuss what reasons on might have to paint a units quickly.  They then move on to some ideas on how to paint a unit quickly, including priming and painting on the sprue.  They also talked about the base coat, wash, and highlight method, assembly line painting, the dipping method, including Minwax and Army Painter, using an airbrush to help speed up your army painting.  They then discuss a hobby find for the week, where they discussed stencils and rubber stamps to help in your hobby.  They then had another conversation segment from the Bitz Box boys!  In their second segment the cast discussed an alternative Slaanesh Daemon Prince model, ‘You might be an a$$hat gamer’ covered ‘Appreciating your Organizer’, and Chaos List Building with Joe and Dave! 
Opinion:  This show had a little bit of everything in it this week, but I have to say my favorite part was the discussion on speed painting.  We have all been there, and needed to get something ready for an event and had procrastinated until the last minute.  It really would have been helpful if the crew had tossed up a few YouTube videos or pics on their site to demonstrate some of these techniques however, as not all of them translate well in an audio only format.  Great show overall though! 
The Overlords – Episode 121 ***Explicit***

Highlights:  This week Steve, Jason and Adam opened up the show with the news, coving the latest from the Black Library, Forgeworld, Death from the Skies and the leaked Daemons!  They moved on to discuss what they have been doing lately in gaming and the hobby.  Next, the boys had a debate on an interesting topic, ‘What makes GW fans so hyper-critical?’  They cover why it is that the internet can never seem to be happy with anything that GW does lately.    They hit on what GW does as a company that causes some of this behavior, and of course what we gamers do to make the situation worse.  Next, the guys reviewed the Grey Knight codex and how it now functions in 6th Edition.  They run does some of the units of the army, starting with the HQs and moved on to the Elites, Troops, Fast Attack, and Heavy Support.  They also discussed some ideas for list building and tactics for the army in the modern game, and they answered some questions from their fans on the army.  They closed out the show with Jason interviewing Daryl from KR Multicase and his new Kickstarter for a community App. 

Opinion:  Another good show from the Overlords, I really enjoyed their perspectives on us gamers and how GW can do no right.  It was a great topic!  I also appreciated the boys look at Grey Knights in 6th, with Steve on his fifth GK army he has a lot to contribute to the uninitiated Grey Knight player.  And for the record guys I do not have a swear timer, I have a counter, and once that magic number is hit the Explicit rating goes on.  F-Bombs = Explicit instantly (Jason). 

The Independent Characters – Episode 73
Highlights:  This week the boys are talking about the RPG Dark Hersey!  They opened up the show with some announcements before moving on to the ‘Work Bench’ where they cover all of their hobby progress and games played.  Next, they boys open up their segment on Dark Hersey, talking about their role-playing history and some of the other games they have played prior to Dark Hersey.  They then move on to discuss their experience with Mack Martin, one of the developers of the game, running a game for them.  They then talk about the specifics of the game, starting with the focus of the game being the point of view of the Inquisition and what the characters will be doing.  They described the area of the galaxy where the game takes place and some of the basic rules of this percentile system, including character creation.  They then move on to discuss how the skills system works and describe in detail success and failures.  They also discuss a bit about the Psyker system and some of the fun that can come from messing with the Warp.  In the next segment, the boys cover the basics of combat, both ranged and hand-to-hand.  They then move on to briefly look at some of the books available for this game and give their quick review of them.  They closed out the show with another Forbidden Lore on the Black Library book Ahriman: Exile by John French!

Opinion:  I am a huge fan of the Fantasy Flight RPG games for 40K.  I honestly had a hard time putting this week’s show into the top 5 though, as it really wasn’t 40K oriented but RPG oriented.  But the guys did such an outstanding job reviewing the game, and it is a game set in the 40K universe, so I decided it had earned the spot.  The Forbidden Lore was good as well.  Good show guys!

Honorable Mentions– All great podcasts that just missed this cut this week, but you should still check them out, in no particular order:

Signals from the Frontline ***Explicit*** Daemon Rumors, new Releases, BAO News and much more!

Jaded Gamercast – Episode 116 ***Explicit*** Abaddon and Garviel in model of the week and the new Daemons of Chaos models!
Skardcast – Episode 36Barrie Bash and Running your own event
Life After the Cover Save – Episode 63 ***Explicit*** First show without Josh, farewell, you will be missed!  Has Jack Black auditioned for his part?
Chaos of the Warp – Episode 46 ***Explicit*** Necromunda!
6s2Hit – Episode 19 ***Explicit*** Campaigns and Alternative Models
Deployment Zone – Episode 31 Random Geek Trivia, Warriors of Chaos, and much more!
Hitting on 3s – Episode 19 ***Explicit*** Battle Sacs, the Female Perspective, the BAO FAQs, and much more!
Noobhammer – Episode 30 Lancashire Wargaming Masters!
Tyrant’s Due – Episode 39 ***Explicit***  New Daemons, Recent Tournament, Only War RPG, and mixed conversations
Turn 8 – Episode 33 News, their Latest Campaign, and the awesome Battle Report!
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