This Week in 40K Podcasting – 03/15/2013 – 03/21/2013

Welcome to another “This Week in 40K Podcasting,”
Here is this week’s top 5!
Preferred Enemies – Episode 48
Highlights: This week, the boys have a real review of the full English version of the Chaos Daemon Codex!  They opened up the show with some brief news, which included Lizzy Foster and her big win at the BAO, the new Necron releases from Forgeworld, and some of the Tau rumors floating out there on the net.  They then moved on to their full review of the new Chaos Daemons Codex!  They open up with a quick overview of their feelings on the codex, and how this one has really changed how the army plays from the previous version.  They moved on to discuss the artwork and page layouts for the book before moving on to discuss the Special Rules for the army, including the Warp Storm table.  They then move on to go down and take a brief look at each of the units in the Codex, which included a look at the new Harold system, the much cheaper Troop choices, and some of the Named Special Characters as they are ordered in the book by god.  They also highlighted how much the Flamers got hit with the nerf bat, Epidemius getting a complete rework, Soul Grinders now auto take, Weapons and Gifts and much more!   They closed out the show by discussing the Psychic Powers available in the book and some of their thoughts on the overall Codex and potentials for lists. 
Opinion:  This was really a great look at the new Chaos Daemons codex, and I would highly recommend this one to everyone!  Over the last eight months or so, the cast has really ramped up the quality content of their show and checked in this week with a gem.  I ended up listening to this one twice just to catch everything one more time.  Great show guys, my top pick for the week!
The 11th Company – Episode 155 
Highlights:  This week the boys checked in with a monster 5+ hour mego-sode!  So strap in for a ton of 40K goodness.  They opened up the show with ‘This Week in Gaming’ where they covered the games they have been playing.  This included Mike Brandt from the Nova Open talking about the new Chaos Daemons book and some discussion about Adepticon.  Next in ‘Pat’s Corner’, Pat had an interview with Alex Fennel and they discussed the Dark Angels list he is bringing to Adepticon.  Next, he talked to Reese from Frontline Gaming and they discussed the results of the Bay Area Open and what Adepticon might look like this year.  Next, Dave and Franco from 40UK are back and this week they talked about the importance of knowing the other armies of 40K and what they can do.  They also discussed Franco’s recent armies and how ‘non-standard’ lists can be a game breaker.  Then, Pat and Neil reported in from a small RTT that they participated in, and they described their lists, the complex missions, and briefly talked about each of the games.  Next, the boys finally got back to ‘The List’ segment where they built lists at the request of their forum users.  This week they built a Blood Angel and Slaanesh themed CSM list.  Then, the guys finished off their review of the Chaos Space Marine codex, starting with the Fast Attack choices, the Heldrake being the big winner here; They then look at the Heavy Support choices with nothing really standing out much aside from Havocs.  They then ran down all of the Special characters before closing out the show by answering question from their Facebook fans.
Opinion:  Nothing I love more that gigantic 11th Company episodes!  This one was jammed full of great content too, my personal favorite being the interview with Axel Fennel.  I personally thought the CSM review overall did not meet up with what I would call 11th Company standard; this one seemed a bit disorganized and less ‘serious’ then I would have expected.  However it was still a pretty good review.  I am looking forward to the Dark angels and Chaos Daemons reviews as well.  Great show guys!
40K UK – Episode 66 ***Explicit***
Highlights:  This week the boys take their first look at the new Codex Daemons!  They opened up the show with ‘The Big Fight!’ where two characters from the 40K game go toe-to-toe in melee combat.  This week Marneus Calgar battle Baron Sathonyx, and at the end the guys gave a detailed review of the loser.  Next, in ‘Operation Codex’, BJ and TJ (yes, really) sat down to discuss Codex Tyranids!  They opened up by discussing TJ’s idea for his Tyranid army and what they believe makes them a good army in 6th Edition.  They then focused specifically on the top units in the codex, like the Flying Hive Tyrant, the Swarmlord, Tervigons and their psychic powers, the Troop choices, Biovores of all things and much more!  They closed out the segment by discussing some of the top tactics for Tyranids in the game today.  Then, in a new segment called ‘Age of Armies’, BJ, Dave and Franco are starting a ‘Tale of 4 Gamers’ style event where they will built and paint an new army and take it to a major event later in the year.  They discussed a bit about the rules to building these armies, how they will track painting, and how it will be covered on the podcast.  Then in the ‘Evalution’ segment, the boys give their first thoughts on the new Chaos Daemons codex.  This started with a conversation about the downfalls of early reviews of a codex before moving on to their thoughts on the new book.  This included point costs changes, the hoard feel of this new army, the changes to their psychic powers, the new models, and much more! 
Opinion:  I am a huge fan of the Big Fight, and this week had a really great match up.  My favorite segment of this week’s show was the in-depth look at my boys, the Tyranids, and their role in 6thEdition.  The boys also give some great thoughts on the new Damons codex.  Overall, a good show, check it out!
40K Radio – Episode 58 ***Explicit***
Highlights:  This week the guys are back after missing a few weeks off, and they open up the show with what they have been up to lately in gaming and the hobby.  In the next segment the guys went over the latest news and rumors floating out there, and this included a look at the new White Dwarf and the Chaos Daemons release, the latest from Forgeworld, Tau Rumors, Wild West Exodus and much more. Up next, Teras from Geek Nation Tours stopped by joins the boys for Rapid Fire, where they answered questions from their forum fans.  Teras also talked a bit about his upcoming GenCon and Adepticon trips.    In ‘Tactica’ the boys took a brief look at the Daemons Codex, commenting briefly on the book itself and discussed some lists that they built with the new book.  Next, on ‘In the Crosshairs’ the boys had a great topic of Tournaments in 6th Edition.  They discussed where the circuit was at the end of 5th with stock standard lists and stagnate armies to what 6thhas done to the game with Allies and the game taking a less then competitive feel.  The discussed how the event that embrace 6th will be the ones that succeed and those who do not will slowly fall.     
Opinion:  I was really glad to see the boys back this week, and despite some non-40K discussion on Romeo’s new game (which I will admit, sounds super cool) this show was jammed full of great topics.  Rapid Fire is always meh for me, but the conversation on what 6th Edition has done to the tournament scene was outstanding.  This was by far my favorite topic for this week.  A great show overall, check them out.  
Second Founding – Episode 26
Highlights:  This week the cast is joined by Chris Borer and Sean Anderson to talk about the almighty Forgeworld!  They opened up the show with some announcements before introducing Sean and Chris and covering what they have been up too lately in gaming and the hobby.  They then move on to their discussion about Forgeworld, starting with what their feelings are on Forgeworld and what they mostly purchased from Forgeworld.      They moved on to discuss the strengths and weakness of Forgeworld models and bits.  This included everything from the coolness factor, greatly detailed models, rules balance, and of course the price.  The then moved on to discuss some of the motivations for owning Forgeworld pieces in your army, which included add that ‘Wow’ factor to your army.  Next, in ‘What’s new at Adepticon’, and this week they talked about the legendary Gladiator event!  They first discussed the rules and point limit for this year’s event, some of the tactics, the effects of Flyers on the game, and some horror stories.  They discussed the day being moved to Friday for the event and what they hope to see from it this year. 
Opinion:  What a great topic for this week’s show, lucky for me, I have not been bit by the Forgeworld bug just yet.  But I can tell you a show like this one makes my wallet hurt.  This was a fantastic look at the addition of Forgeworld to your hobby, and I really enjoyed it.  I also like the sneak peak at what the Gladiator will be like this year.  Good show guys. 
Honorable Mentions– All great podcasts that just missed this cut this week, but you should still check them out, in no particular order:
Signals from the Frontline ***Explicit***  Tau and other GW Rumors, List reviews, and much more!
Jaded Gamercast – Episode 119 ***Explicit***  Corrections, Model of the Week, Daemons Fantasy vs. 40K, and list building Daemon for Fantasy, and is GW preparing to sell?
Skaredcast – Episode 38  New Chaos Daemons
Screaming Heretic – Episode 42 ***Explicit***  Weather Class Review, Allies in 6th, and Bitzbox

6s2Hit – Episode 22 ***Explicit***  Painting and Cheating

Boltgun Battle Brothers – Episode 4 ***Explicit***  Hobby updates, new releases, Chaos Daemons, Indy Open GT, and the anatomy of a Paint Brush

Chaos of the Warp – Episode 48  News, Rumors, and much more!

Life After the Cover Save – Episode 65 ***Explicit***  Tim joins the cast (sort of), Hobby Updates, Reese from Frontling Gaming on the BAO, and Crank Calls to Brother James  
So, that is it for This Week in 40K podcasting, thanks for reading. Got a podcast all about 40K, or mostly 40K that I am not listening to? Let me know about it, and let me know about it.  Also you can find me on My YouTube Channelfor Battle Reports, Tactics, Reviews and more! Disagree with my review? Post comments for that too!

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