Goatboy’s Model Review – Kromlech’s Orc Juggernaut Mecha Armor

Goatboy here again doing another model review.  I got lucky enough to get a Kromlech Orc Juggernaut Mecha Armor model to review.  So with that in mind let’s jump into it as it is a pretty amazing model.

As usual I will use the following review scale.

Goatboy’s Review Scale 
1 – Why am I reviewing this? Oh yeah I am probably not going to be putting this on the site. 
2 – Barely acceptable. In fact it better be cheap so the sheer crap factor of it might be covered up in savings. 
3 – Fine – not terrible not amazing. 
4 – Good model and worth a look at. 
5 – Wow – this kicks ass. 
Build – 4 out of 5

This model was easy to put together and everything fit well.  Kromlech has some of the cleanest models and even thought this guy is orc like he still looks very crisp.  The model fit well with very little gaps and the only complaint I could have is I wish I could have more play with the arms and legs to give you more options to build.  It would be neat to have the jerk kicking something or giving the Klaw to a poor enemy.

My head goez here! 
Oh yeah I gots me a fine booty!
Dakka dakka pilgrim!
Let me draw on your face with my Klaw!
I wanted to showcase some of the crazy detail on the model.  This guy is covered in dents, dings, cables, and everything a Mek could want.  Really this kit is exactly what I thought an Orc Mecha Armor should be.

Paint – 5 out of 5

This was one of the more interesting models to paint.  You have so many different types of form and structure on this kit. You have the Orc like welded plates, you have some skin, and you have other leather options to really push your painting.  I just wish I had more to test out some different painting options and really stretch my grimdark painting style.  

I painted him red skinned due to my own personal Orc army having either Red Skinned A-holes or Albino Jerk-faces.  Yellow is the prominent clash color for the army as well.

Value – 4 out of 5

This model is pretty cheap when you compare it to other options for this particular army choice.  You can purchase a set of 3 for a discounted rate or go with a slightly more expensive option by buying them separately.  I was going to look at building a customer Warboss these last few months but this kit just kicks whatever nonsense I had brewing in the bad place.  Just look at the size comparison when compared with the leading “dude” in big armor.

He is huge – like come take your candy big.
Overall this kit is a great value for those wanting to add a bit of Heavy Metal to their Orc armies.  They aesthetic is spot on and the design and quality of the kit is pretty amazing.  The cost isn’t too bad either for what you get out of it.  I just hope the new rule book really amps these guys up a bit as this is an awesome model to add to your horde of 6 point A-Holes.

I purchased some alternative demon options so look for a review of that kit as well in the coming weeks. I just am happy that I have a lot of options when it comes to building, playing, and gaming out there.

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