Nomads: Infinity Faction Review

Pariahs.  Castaways.  Fugitives.  Outsiders.  All these names the Nomad Nations wear with pride as they have a rich history that demonstrates their ability and will to stand apart from the oppressive Aleph and its puppet nations.  Andyman is giving you the rundown for the Nomads!

Rejecting the notion that Humanity is protected and watched by Aleph, the people of the Nomad Nations have struck out on their own and defied the status quo.  A constant thorn in the side of the Yu Jing and Pan Oceania there is a love/hate relationship between them.  The effort and time to wipe the Noamds out would be astounding, but they also make the best mercenaries for missions against your rivals.  Freedom from tyranny, or freedom from responsibility; welcome to the nation…

 As humanity was beginning to grow more and more technologically superior and becoming connected in ways never thought possible, there were some who resisted. There were some people who saw this “helping” AI as nothing more than another way to control and abuse humanity.  Add to this a growing number of folks growing discontent with the direction Earth, or mega-corporations,  was going and you have the birth of the Nomad Nations.

Three large spacecraft constantly on the move comprise the Nomads.  Each has its own history and contributes its resources to the whole.  The Tunguska specializes in hackers and information.  The capture, selling and storing of information is what they’re good at.  Second there is the Corregdor, which being a former prisoner ship, has the market cornered on labor or military special actions.  Lastly, there is the Bakunin which has every vice, pleasure, or entertainment available; legal or not.

The Nomads have a unique relationship with the Human Sphere and O-12.  Officially they are recognized as an independent nation of people that are removed in all ways from Aleph.  What is on paper and what is reality however are rarely the same.  The Nomads suffer a pariah status within the Human Sphere, but the fact that they are still thriving means they have something…and everybody’s buying!

As much hatred that is spread across the Human Sphere about the Nomads, even Pan Oceania and the Yu Jing state admit they have their uses.  When the Ariadna survivors were discovered, it was the Nomad nation that supported their claims of independence.  They saw another ally in the cause of humanity’s freedom.  The Nomad’s see themselves as liberators and those who have the wisdom to see a path for humanity that does not involve servitude towards a machine.

Bakunin Jurisdictional Command
This sectoral force specializes covert and clandestine activities for the Nomad nation.  Utilizing the Black Laboratories of Praxis these forces are also geared for whatever science has to offer the world of black ops!  The BJC operates as a police force, undercover agents, and even infiltrators.  If your best kept secret is exposed by the Nomads, you can bet that it was these guys. 

Stealth, Camo, and “where did that come from?”; these guys embody sneaky attacks and hacking.  Good lieutenant choices as well as heavy hitters to fill any role you need.  The great thing about any Nomad force is that their hacking skills can play havoc with your enemy whether you are shutting down equipment or disrupting their hacking.  Black Ops for the win!!

Corregidor Jurisdictional Command

 Corregidor was originally a prison ship designed for the worst criminals imaginable.  Humanity may shun them or even despise them, but they are one of the most often hired force of mercenaries in the Human Sphere.  Seriously, do you want mercs who fight for just money, or mercs who fight for money and because they love it?!
What’s better than trained mercenaries?  Trained, descendantsofpsychoprisoners, mercenaries.  Let’s face it, this is the strong arm of the Nomad nation!  Brute force is the key with this sectoral army and the idea is to have fun with it.  As with any Nomad army, don’t forget the hackers; although these guys already pack a hard punch…
Rebels?  Oh yeah!  How will you help them bring down “the man”?

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