X-Wing Regionals come to WarGamesCon

WargamesCon 2013 will be holding an official Sanctioned Fantasy Flight Games X-Wing Regionals tourney. Fight for the Rebels, the Empire, and for Glory!

You heard that right.  We are very happy to be holding an official sanctioned X-Wing Regionals tournament in Austin this June.

X-Wing Regionals details are: 

5 Rounds (4 guaranteed, then the finals)
Round length: 90 Minutes
Friday – June 7th

Round 1: 10:00-11:30
Round 2: 11:45-1:15
Round 3: 2:30-4:00
Round 4: 4:15-5:45
FINALS: 6:00-7:30

We are giving out the following during the event:

  • 1 Regional Champion 2013 trophy
  • 1 World Championship Weekend ticket (for the winner)
  • 2 Regionals 2013 dice bags
  • 8 sets of 10 acrylic focus tokens (80 tokens total)
  • 16 Regionals 2013 patches
  • 1 “Crash prize” – A previous prize from the FFG archives for the last place player
  • So if you can beat Han Solo’s time at the Kessel Run, bullseye Wamprats in your T-16, and think Wedge and Boba Fett are amateurs – this event is for you!

    Grab your 100 pt Squadron, and come ready to change the galaxy.  We’ll see you there.

    Buy X-Wing Regional Tickets

    This event is limited to the 40 fastest pilots in the galaxy, so don’t wait.

    Regionals Rules:

    X-Wing FFG Tournament Rulespack

    In case you folks haven’t been paying attention, X-Wing is the breakout game this year.  Its easy to learn and you will be flying in under 15 minutes.  The gameplay is deep, with a solid list-building meta, high speed gameplay, and minis that look great out of box (or paint up a bit if you wish).  Plus – it’s STAR WARS.

    See you all there – May the Force Be With You.

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