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May 20, 2013

40K: The Eldar Arrive

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It has a very, very, long time coming, but over the weekend, the lid finally blew off the Eldar.  And from the slivers that have been revealed, you better have your wallets ready...

First up, we have some tidbits out of the Horus Heresy Weekender from Gav Thorpe who said that:

"He wants to do a series about each Phoenix Lord and their experiences of the fall, similar to Primarches and the Heresy"

(BoLS Lounge)

Then Eldarwise, we get word of the following:

-A teensy-weensy snippet of the Eldar flyer.  It does seem to be a combination of the Eldar Craftworlder aesthetic, with a large dollop of Dark Eldar design thrown in.

-Word of the Eldar Codex (cover shown above), and a VERY intriguing Iyanden Craftworld digital expansion product that not only includes background and hobby material - but rules as well.  Now that would be a new direction for the game to proceed.

- Oh, I almost forgot, if you were looking for info on a giant 8-inch Eldar Knight, that towers over the Tau Riptide, is dripping in detail, matches all the rumors of being somewhat of a cross between the manned Warwalker, and the Wraithlord - well then, you'd need to hold your breathe, count to three and ...

~Look for all of this to hit shelves in a matter of days.  Latest word says June 1st.
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