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May 5, 2013

40K: Necrons & Fulgrim OH MY!

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Forgeworld has been very busy this last week.  Take a look at all the latest Necrons and FULGRIM!!!

First up, the Necrons.

Hot on the heels of Imperial Armour 12, we have a trio of smaller Necron defense Pylons, to light up the night sky over your tables.

Sentry Pylon with Heat Cannon £46.00

Sentry Pylon with Gauss Exterminator £46.00
Sentry Pylon with Death Ray £46.00

Then for all you Horus Heresy fans, we have our second revealed primarch - The Illuminator himself:


I'm kinda non-plused with the screaming expression.  angron I understand, but I always assumed Fulgrim would have the most smug, sanctimonious expression while he beat face... 

~Enjoy, and look for lots of Horus Heresy Weekender coverage coming soon.  So what's your opinion on that Fulgrim sculpt?
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