Mantic Deadzone Scenery in Detail

Mantic’s Deadzone has released a bunch of renders of their modular hard plastic science fiction scenery range.  These look like quite the bargain for almost any wargamer out there..

If you’re looking at building a 6’x4’ Wargames Table for Warhammer 40,000, Infinity, or any of the other popular science fiction systems, then take a good look at Mantic’s One-Click Urban Wargames Table pledge:

Sample Battlezone Setups

1 battlezone
2 battlezones
4 battlezones
4 battlezones
8 battlezones
12 battlezones

$285 gets you the equivalent of 12 BattleZones (That’s 48 Sprues of containing 288 tiles, plus barricades and half tiles) and enough connectors for you to assemble your buildings with. Remember you don’t need glue to stick them together, the components have been created using precision 3D CAD-CAM so that they clip in place. You also get 6 Accessory Sprues, containing ladders and railing, barrels and crates.

Of course, you wouldn’t necessarily build your buildings like this for a mass battle wargame like 40K, but the render really does give you a sense of the scale and the amount of stuff you get for the price. BoLS thinks the larger packages in particular offer a higher level of terrain density for the price than GW’s scenery line. Not to mention the general sci-fi usefullness across a variety of gamesystems.

Sprue Renders
Here are Mantic’s latest series of CAD renders and sprue diagrams showing you just want you get and can build:

Furthermore, Mantic have now unlocked two new BattleZones which you can choose instead of the default “Core Buildings” if you go for a scenery only or scenery add-on. These are:

– Landing Pad



There are under ten days left on the Deadzone Kickstarter and the last few Early Birds remaining on the scenery only pledges. Grab them while you can.

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