Model Review – Blight Wheel Miniatures Conversion Bits

Blight Wheel Miniatures, a small company in France, has some very nice conversion bits available.  I’ve used them and thought I would share some of the items with you all.

1 toof -Far below average This product turned out to be a piece of junk.
2 teef – below average but not terrible. This product was a slight let down.
3 teef – Good, average, this product meets my expectations.
4 teef – superior to most of the products out there in either price, quality, etc this product goes above my expectations.
5 teef – Extremely high value or quality. This product blows me away.
Disclaimer:  I play 40k; I’ve played 40k since the 80’s.  When I look at a model I look at it from the perspective of how can I use this in 40k?  That’s not to say the model can’t be used in alternative ways it’s just my perspective.
Torsos: Presently Blight Wheel has two different torso sets, one armored and one shirts.  The armored ones are similar in style and scale to Cadians and mix well.  The shirts are nice because they are different than most torso conversion bits.  I like them for scouts, artillery crew and other more lightly armored guys.

Arms:  There set of arms are similar in style to Catachans except scaled down.  They look more natural.  They have a nice variety of poses as well.
Legs:  One of my favorite bits are their legs.  They are quite a bit different looking than most of the others.  I think the style is pretty cool and with a variety of poses you can make lots of unique figures.
Heads:  So far they have a few different sets of heads.  Some British style heads which are nice, although I wish they were all the same.  I just like all the rank and file to match but they all look close enough that its not a big deal.

These are the common soldier heads.  These are the ones I used for some scouts and other misc guys
Quality:  I didn’t have any quality issues with the parts I received.  Everything was well cast, no voids and little flashing.  Quality is a hard one because there are a lot of great companies out there and most do very good work.  Id say these are easily on par with the others.
3 Teef
They also have a nice little bionic bits set I picked up.  Great for some minor conversions.  I’ve often longed for an Ad Mech army and I think these would be extremely useful.
Value:  Prices are about average as well.  Some items a bit lower, some a bit higher.  But all in all about what you would expect going to one of the other companies that make conversion bits.
3 Teef
Look/Feel:  All the bits I’ve received look nice and mesh well with other kits and bits I’ve used.   I like that some of the bits have different style but still mix well.
3 Teef
 Okay, that’s my first pass through the world of Blight Wheel Miniatures.  I’ve got quite a few other items from them I still need to review.  They also have some nice new shiny bits I’m wanting to get my hands on.  Check the out at for pre and new release pics.
Questions, Comments? What do you think?

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