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Welcome to another “This Week in 40K Podcasting,”

Before I can go on to the regular article this week, which I admit I found hard to do this time around, I feel I need pay my respects to a significant loss the 40K podcast community suffered this past week.  Christina Campbell, one of the co-hosts of the podcast Deepstrike Radio, passed away on Saturday, May 11th.  While I never had the pleasure to really get to know her well (we only ever had a few correspondences due to this article) I did get to enjoy her very much on the show.  Her loss has profoundly affected the 40K podcast community as we all have felt her passing.  My deepest and heart felt sympathies go out to her family, friends, loved ones and podcast cast mates. She will be missed.

Tigress grrr!

Here is this week’s top 5!

Highlights:  This week the guys are joined by Aaron for their full coverage of Imperial Armour 12: The Fall of Orpheus!  They opened up the show with ‘the Work Bench’ where they cover their latest hobby progress and games played.  This included a quick review of the new ‘Relic’ board game from Fantasy Flight.  Next, the boys moved on to part one of their review of Imperial Armor 12!  This is the story and campaign side of the review. They first look at the book itself, the outstanding artwork, and the overall look and feel of this book.  They move on to discuss the background story of the campaign, what races are involved how they have interacted with each other up until the point of the start of the campaign.  This included Chaos uprisings, putting down of the heretics, Marines and Sisters getting involved in uprising, a secret Necron awaking that darkened half of the sector and marched over Imperial forces, the rabidly insane Dynasty of Necrons involved and the horrible war that followed, and much more.  In their next segment, the boys looked at the in game aspects of this book, starting with the ‘Badab War style’ Campaign presented in the book and how it works, how the campaign points system works, what missions are run, the legendary missions, and much more.  They then move on to the new models and army list found within this new book, which included the awesome bomber and the fortification for the Necrons!  They briefly went over the Minotaurs Space Marine chapter, the Death Korps of Krieg, and much more.  They then give their overall thoughts on the book, including their ‘Bang for your Buck’ value.  They closed out the show with an interview with James from Mr. Dandy miniatures and they discussed his company and his most recent releases. 

Opinion:  This week easily the jewel of the 40K podcasts was the Independent Characters!  I know I have said it before, but I absolutely love their reviews of Imperial Armor books, and they ALWAYS make me want to buy something I had previously decided I did not want to buy.  The story for this book turned out to be much better than I had been led to believe.  Overall this was just an amazing podcast, I would highly recommend it! 

Turn 8 – Episode 38

Highlights:  This week the guys look back at Berk’s Spring Assault 2013!  They opened up the show with ‘The Round-up’ where they discussed what they have been doing lately in gaming and the hobby.  Next, in ‘the News’, the guys look over the lustiest in 40K news, which included the release of the Tau, the latest from Forgeworld including Imperial Armor 12, the Black Library, and more.  They also moved on to the latest in the rumor mill, like the plastic Farseer leaked photos, new Eldar bikes, and much more.   Next, the guys reviewed Berk’s Spring Assault 2013!  They opened up with an overview of the event, point value, venue, missions and all.  They then went over Bill’s, Dave’s, and Andy’s’ rounds in some detail, the mission for those round, what their opponent’s brought, and the outcome of the games.  They then did a follow-up on the event itself which included their overall feelings post tournament and the few snags that did arise.  Next up came the signature ‘Battle Report’ for the episode, which was actually Bill’s Blood Angels versus Dark Angels at Berk’s Spring Assault.  The boys went over the mission, the armies involved, the deployment, and all of the details of the game.  Next can the dramatization of this tournament game!  They followed this up with a review of what went right/wrong during the game, and Bill’s overall performance.  They closed out the show with an interview with Matt Cerino where they discussed his store Stomping Grounds and the upcoming Kiladelphia Open 2013! 

Opinion:  I really need to make it out to a Berk’s event sometime, as they sound great, and the guys make you want to go to this yearly event.  The Turn 8 cast did a really good job of covering the event, with everything including a Battle Report from the event.  Just a great show this week guy, very enjoyable.  I was also interested to hear from Matt from Stomping Grounds, as I plan to attend the KILLAdelphia Open 2013 and I am looking for good information on the event.  Great show guys!
Highlights:  This week, aside from being a little late, is also a massive 5 hour show!  They boys opened up the show as usual with ‘This Week in Gaming’ where they discussed their latest games.  This also included some conversations about Faeit212 and BoLS being shut down, the killer Daemon list Goatboy ran, some Tau talk, the ETC and more!  Next, in ‘Pat’s Corner’, Pat talked to Goatboy and discussed the Daemon list he took all the way to the Top 16 at Adepticon.  Pat then talked to Jesse from the Killadelphia Open and they discussed the Tyranid list he took to the Top 16 and the Killadelphia Open!  Pat then talked to Brandon and Bob, who are fans of the show, and they discussed three separate builds to Codex Chaos Daemons!  They discussed the Fast Hoard, the Flying MC Circus, and Ally lists that are making their way on the tournament circuit.  Next up in ‘Tactical Terrain’ Eric is back with a good discussion about terrain at a tournament and some advice for solving the storage and mass production problems.  This included some advice on making hills, forests, ruins, and difficult terrain.    Next, the boys get back to their Adepticon review, and this time discussed their day two at this great event.  Mike Brandt discussed the Thunderfire List he took, Alan detailed out his list, and they talked about how they felt about the event overall.  Alan discussed his day 2 where he moved on to the Top 16 and he played Goatboy and his MC Flying Circus Daemons list in the first round.  Next, he played Josh Roberts from the 40K UK podcast, who was running Necrons with Heldrake ally.  Alan moved on to play Sean Nayden who played Eldar/Dark Eldar and David Arimond who played Grey Knights.  Alan finished off 6-2 for the event overall and had a great time.  They moved on to a discussion about how good Necrons are and what they can do in the competitive circuit and the Team event with Forgeworld models.  In the community segment, they guys talked to Killadeplphia Open, the Bug Eater GT, Reese from Frontline gaming on their new Tournament Circuit idea, Romeo from Battlefoam for more info on his lawsuit with Blood of Kittens (here is where the explicit content is), and Josh from Greenman designs. 
Opinion:  Had a bit of wait for this week’s show, but it was definitely worth it.  If for nothing else to hear Alan’s tale of his top 16 finish at Adepticon this year.  It was also great to hear the discussion about Necrons and how the Tau maybe the ultimate counter to that army.  There were also some great interviews, like Reese and his GT Circuit idea (which I strongly support) and Matt from the KILLAdelphia Open.  Romeo also was on the show to once again tell the tale of his lawsuit with TastyTaste, which I didn’t care for but that’s just me.  You might find it informative.  Overall, good show guys!
Highlights:  This week, they guys open up their show with one of my show favorites, ‘the Big Fight!’  This round represents the end of round one, between Abaddon and Inquisitor Coteaz, well multiple Coteaz models that is.  They cover the stats for both models, the fight between them, and discuss the losing model.  They also preview round two of the Big Fight.  Next, in ‘Operation Codex’, BJ, Franco, and Sharon sit down to discussed the confusing wargear of the new Tau Codex.  This included things like the Smart Missile Systems, Drones, the Fusion Blaster, Advanced Targeting System and much, much more!  This segment was full of great idea and tactics for building a great Tau army.  They moved on to discuss the Vehicle upgrades available, and how they affect the army.  Next, in the ‘Q&A – Team’, Dave and Franco first discuss what the segment is all about before moving on to answering some questions from their Facebook fans.  This included some discussion about how to deal with the new Tau threat, the balanced ‘all-comers’ list, and much more! 
Opinion:  The Big Fight was back with an interesting twist, and proving once and for all, Abaddon is one bad mamma jamma!  I especially like Operation Codex, if for nothing else the education on all of the confusing Tau wargear.  Overall, a great show, check this one out! 
Highlights: This week is a very hobby focused show!  The guys opened up the show with what they have been up to lately in gaming and the hobby.  They moved on to a brief ‘News and Rumors’ section where they discussed the latest in the world of 40K, which included the Horus Hersey weekend at Forgeworld and their Eldar wish list.  Next, in the ‘Tactica’ segment, Rik and Kyle discussed their 2000 point battle between the Dark Angels and Chaos Daemons.  They broke down their lists, the mission, the deployment, and some details from the game.  Next, in the Black Library corner, Kyle discussed ‘Flesh of Cretacia’ by Andy Smillie!  He did a great overview of the story, the timing of the book, and some details of this great novel about the Flesh Tearers.  Then, in ‘In the Crosshairs’, the boys discuss personal hobby obstacles and some tips for getting over some of these humps that we all have encountered.  This included distractions like video games, movies, family life, and more. 

Opinion:  This week’s show was short and Romeo-free.  My personal highlights of this week’s show were the Black Library corner where they reviewed a book I am about to read and their tips for getting over hobby obstacle.  Good work guys, I really enjoyed this one. 

Honorable Mentions– All great podcasts that just missed this cut this week, but you should still check them out, in no particular order:
Signals from the Frontline ***Explicit*** Blake from LAtCS, Eldar rumors, List review and much more!
Jaded Gamercast – 126 ***Explicit*** More High Elves Armybook Review
Forge the Narrative – Episode 11 ***Explicit*** Orks and Forgeworld tournament Meta
Screaming Heretic – Episode 45 ***Explicit*** Resin casting 101 with clear resin, Black Library Roundtable, Emperor Titan build, Mack Martin and Ronnie from Mantic games!
Life After the Cover Save – Episode 71 ***Explicit***Necron Nate and Farseer Phil take over the show, disturbing phone calls, Bif-o-matic and Daemon Battleforce Breakdown, and more!  

Preferred Enemies – Episode 52 ***Explicit*** Building that second army

Second Founding – Episode 30 Adepticon 2013, final thoughts

6s to Hit – Episode 29 ***Explicit*** Local Edinburgh gaming scene

So, that is it for This Week in 40K podcasting, thanks for reading. Got a podcast all about 40K, or mostly 40K that I am not listening to? Let me know about it, and let me know about it.  Also you can find me on My YouTube Channelfor Battle Reports, Tactics, Reviews and more! Disagree with my review? Post comments for that too!

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