X-Wing: FFG Unveils Wave 3 Ships

Yesterday was Star Wars Day!  FFG unveiled the highly anticipated wave 3 ships for their white hot X-wing. Here’s the details.

So far we have the following ships for the game:

TIE Fighter

TIE Interceptor
Slave One
Millennium Falcon

And now we get for Wave 3…

Lambda Class shuttle
HWK-290 “Moldy Crow” (from Dark Forces)

So that adds a bomber and armed shuttle to both sides.  I can certainly see mission designers and campaigns opening up with that complete set.  The game is getting more rounded out with each passing wave.
Here’s a flickr feed with tons of pics from the FFG unveiling!  The detail on these newest wave 3 ships is just fantastic.  One of the things I really enjoy about X-wing is you can play right out of the clam-shell, or throw in just a few minutes and “hobby up” your squadron with some simple painting and weathering, to make them your own.
We’ve also opened up an X-Wing forum on the Lounge here.  So share all your lists, tactics and anything else you want in there.  X-wing is growing fast and needed a dedicated home on the Lounge.
~May the Force be With You.

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