40K RUMOR ROUNDUP 6-16-2012

It’s been a busy, week on the rumorfront.  This week we have more Apocalypse items and the drip, drip, drip of Space Marines has begun.

First up, it’s not exactly rumors, but lets get the big news out of the way first.

Games Workshop vs Chapterhouse Verdict
The 2 year old case has gone through all the motions and we at last have a verdict.  The official court paperwork with all the gory details should be coming next week, but go check out the skinny if you’ve been hiding under a rock for the last couple of days.

GW vs CHS Verdict

The new version of Apocalypse got teased a couple weeks back with 2 grainy images, but after a short pause, some more details are coming out.  We have a release time, and some overall details on the book and release products:

Some tidbits:

via Warseer’s Bramgaunt

There is a new rulebook, if anyone still questioned that. Complete overhaul. The scale of additional shenanigans will be the same as with a regular rulebook, as well as limited items. Probably a collectors- and a gamers edition aswell (allthough I am only guessing that!).

The kits we have seen so far cover all the miniatures there will be for now (Khorne “Skulldozer” and Necron “Monolith of Doom + 2D6”). However, there are three new pieces of terrain, which apperantly are of apocalyptic size. A different source told me of a ‘commad citadel’ behind which the Wraithknight could easily hide.

Releasedate is the 13th of July, with Preorders starting the 29th (with the new WD, as usual). This is GW’s big release this year.

via Opatija

Apocalyspe is mostly about formations with some minor benefits for the “units”

There will be at least 2 waves for mini supply (Some of the missing miniatures will be released when their own 6th codex is)
Each army is going to get a super heavy, beeing asked about such a huge release, they were told to keep the Allied Forces in mind, leaving Tyranids aside (speculated as an Imperial/SM Multipart kit) which will hit at around 125,-€ (It´s quite possible that the Chaos thing and the Monolith are the only ones! And Baneblades/Shadowswords are accessable via Allied Forces!)
A large/multi part piece of Terrain fitting to the “Martyrs”-Line (80,-€/50,-€/30,-€)
Apocalypse Rumor Roundup

Space Marines
Eldar are officially out the door and that means while the tacticians tear it apart and they make ther way to the tabletop we get to shift our eyes to the horizon for the next release post Apocalypse … Lizardmen!!!  Ok, now that we’ve said that (we’ll get back to the little scaly dudes later), I mean the next 40K Codex – Space Marines.

Looking at the calender and knowing this is the BIG GW CASH COW, I could see something happening in and around GamesDay UK in the fall – you know exactly like they did with the last Marine codex…

Some tidbits:

via Puscifer

The codex is not Ultramarines heavy. There will be a much broader spectrum of Chapters.

There will be supplements for the more famous chapters: Ultramarines, Imperial Fists and White Scars were the ones mentioned. White Scars are the first out the gate.

The cover of the new dex has apparently got Sicarius on the front, while the White Scar Codex has a bike squadron racing towards the enemy.

No rules that I can give you, but you can expect to see loads of new weapons and squads. Possible inclusions are the Land Raider Terminus (I think that’s what it’s called – it’s festooned with Lascannons), a bigger form of Terminator and a rather large Dreadnought that is similar to a Contemptor – only bigger.

Space Marine Rumor Roundup

Have fun everybody!

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