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June 11, 2013

40K WGC2013: The Unstoppable Lists

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They smashed all before them, taking on all comers from every codex and emerged victorious.  Lets take a look at the top 1850pt armylists and their commanders:

#4 Kenny Boucher - Chaos Daemons w/Allied CSM

Kenny brought his "Monster Mash" list featuring FIVE maxed out Daemon princes.  The list features over 75% of the list's points in the big 5 guys, and a handful of cheap Plaguebearers and Cultist to sit around on objectives. Opponents dropped some of the princes in time, but enough always got through and buckled their lines.

#3 Alan "Pajamapants" Bajramovic - IG w/Allied Dark Angels

Alan came wanting to take the crown with a Forgeworld focused list and came mighty close. His list is a "Mother of all Firebases" featuring every type of heavy weapon, weapon platform and thudd guns all packed into a nice cozy Skyshield Landing pad.  The other minor elements held fast to objectives, supported the firebase's morale and maneuvered a bit.  If you love barrage weapons, Alan's list is perfect for you.

#2 Gareth Hunt - Chaos Daemons

"Who Let the dogs Out!" Gareth's pure Daemons list does a lot of things at once - all of them nasty.  You have fast moving Khorne units barreling at high speed for you, massive numbers of Plaguebearers to hold objectives and pretty much make you give up trying to shift them via shooting, and Soulgrinders blazing away.  Talk about an army to overwhelm your target prioritization.  Gareth came so very, very close...

#1 Ben Mohlie - Necrons w/Allied Orks

Proving once again that player skill and understanding the role of psychology in wargaming is key Ben Mohlie crushed all comers with his "Which one of These Things Doesn't Belong" list.  Ben described how in game after game - opponent came prepared to hunker down and grind out games versus an optimized Necron army with good air support.  What they couldn't get their mind around was how to fight that battle simultaneously with a Battlewagon full of Meganobs and a Warboss running roughshod across the table wreaking havoc with their plans.

~You're comments are welcome fellow Generals.

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