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June 28, 2013

Outside the Box 06-28-13

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Hello again, this week I have hot new stuff from Warlord Games, Red Republic Games, Avatars of War, Mantic Games, GCT Studios, Prodos Games, Megalith Games, Kromlech, Vesper-on Games, Anvil Industry, Hasslefree Miniatures and MaxMini plus new Kickstarter campaigns - Enjoy!

Warlord Games 
 The Krauts are coming! New sets for the Early War German Heer:
But the French and other Allies will pick up arms soon to oppose this threat:
Additionally, there are new releases that aren't for Bolt Action, like the new Germanic Tribesmen:

New previews for Arena Rex have been published, including Proximo and Tiet-Khebi:

Mantic Games
The new Kings of War Ogres are now available:

Avatars of War now offers the Dire Harpy of Apocalypse:
GCT Studios
More new artworks for Bushido: Kahime for the Ito Clan and Fishermen for the Temple of Ro-Kan

The Mishima Ronin Samurai have been unveiled:

The Sons of War join Godslayer:

Kromlech presents the Clanking Behemoth (yep, that's a 60mm base!)

And another new miniature for Carnevale has been released, Baba Yaga

The new Black Ops Master Sniper team is hunting for targets:

A new female Paladin has been released by Hasslefree Miniatures:

And MaxMini released their new Jungle Guerilla Heroines:

Polish army list for Bolt Action and new pictures for Arena Rex - nice!

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