WargamesCon 2013 is ON (Pics)!

We are past WGC 2013 day one!  From 40k, to Warmachine, Fantasy, Flames of War, X-wing and Infinity – its one giant tabletop party!

Enjoy the pics, and look for detailed tournament breakdowns, battle reports and more.

The 40K Team Tournament is underway.
Heresy Space Wolves strike! 
The Mountain King releases his rage!
Privateer Press’ DC tests out his new Convergence army on the field.
Rebels and the Empire clash in an X-Wing Regional.
WW2 Armored Assault in Flames of War.
Picking up Infinity at WGC.

Also look forward to this battle report treat coming soon:

Jwolf accepted the 1850pt challenge to bring his exact Tau Empire list that won the Alamo GT to face down MGB Rob Baer and Next Level Paintings Kenny Boucher’s finely honed Chaos Daemons list.  You wont want to miss it!

Enjoy everybody!

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