40K SHOWCASE: Best of BoLS

Welcome back to another exciting episode of Best of BoLS, showcasing the models YOU paint – so take a bow everybody!

DOC; Another issue, 4 more awesome armies and projects to look over. With army releases coming thick and fast now, and Apocalypse just arrived, there’s plenty of models out there for people to paint, share and us to upload for your viewing pleasures!

Shades; As always we have been trawling the BoLS Lounge for some of the best, most inspiring threads, new and old, posted by YOU. So if you think you would like your models up here on the BoLS front page; get your camera out, take some pictures of your models and get them posted in the:

Hobby and Project Lounge

Remember, all of the posters started painting at some point in the past, probably with a Space Marine that ended up looking more like a blob monster with way too much paint. So whether you are just starting in our fabulous hobby or are hoping to win the next Golden Daemon Slayer Sword in your area, let us see what you are up to. You never know, someone may just give you the piece of advice you need to get your painting or conversions to the next level.

Doc; First up is the wonderful conversion work of Fenriryan and his own PMC, counting as Space Wolves.

What really makes this army stand out is the conversion work. The idea of a PMC (Private Military Company for those out on the lingo) in the 41st Millenium is cool, and the models back them up.

Counts as Contemptor

Counts as Damocles Command Rhino

I’m not too sure on the helmets, but the level of the conversions is incredible. His thunderfire cannon (check the thread) is nice, and everything obeys the first rule of a converted army – everything is recognisable as what it should be. You know the walker is a dreadnought. You know the speeder is a command rhino. And thats damn important in a conversion based army.

Shades; At the moment, the thread only shows a few of the key models in the army. I have no idea if that is because that is all Fenriryan has done so far, or just all he has posted, but I am very much looking forward to seeing what else he has in store. I’m also not the biggest fan of the Pig Iron helmets, but they certainly do change the silhouette of the models considerably. I do however like the rest of the conversions. Fenriryan has really shown how a few relatively simple bits swaps can really change the feel of a model.

Doc; I’m quite happy to see someone using that Dark Angels Skimmer. This is the first time I’ve seen one I liked. Its probably because the detail is heavily stripped down. The genuine thing feels too busy for me, with all the glyphs and stone work all over it. By simplifying it, Fenriryan has greatly improved its look

Shades; I do and I don’t agree with that. Certainly on this conversion the clean, more sci-fi/less religious look works incredibly well, but given the right paint scheme and placed in an army similarly bedecked with relics and robes (unlike most DA armies) the unconverted model works too. Matching the tone of the models throughout a force, as Fenriryan has done here, is often the difference between a nice army and a spectacular one. And with that segue…

And for our next trick, we’re going to look at a very different style on conversion. BrokBroks Blood Angels maintain the look and feel of the Blood Angels model line, whilst subtle alterations to the poses (particularly on the Dreadnaughts) really improve the impact the models have. I give you, The Bolt Punchers.

Doc; The blades, seen here on the awesome librarian dread and the assault marine, look incredible, nicely different from the airbrushed blades you usually see. I really love the red tone on the armour. Its not the day glo-crimson than lots of Blood Angels armies run around with, but is just subdued enough to stand out.

Shades; Some of the highlighting is a little heavy handed, particularly on the blacks, but the overall effect is gorgeous. As DrLove said, the power blades look fantastic, with the soft blue working a a nice counter point to the oranges on the armour panels. I also really love the Angry Marine, who has a brilliantly shaded, smooth yellow and tons of fun little details (note the left foot!)

Doc; I Hadn’t even noticed that. Jeez that’s some nice tiny freehand. And lets face it. The Contemptor’s pose, practically skipping over the battlefield is great. And I disagree on the highlights being OTT. They work in the army. The whites in particular, like that assault marines helmet are wonderful.

BrokBrok clearly loves his dreadnoughts, like I love my Wraithlords, and I count at least 8 unique, wonderfully painted Dreadnoughts in this thread alone. Speaking of my love of Wraithlords, we move onto, a Wraith heavy Iyanden army by Deadlift

Shades; Deadlift has done something that very few others have managed to do; he has made me want to start an Eldar army, almost entirely because of that Crimson Hunter. The silky smooth shading on the yellow in particular is gorgeous, whist the blues, particularly the hexagon pattern, are really striking.

Doc; As I’ve said, I have a massive love of GW Wraithconstructs. 6 Wraithlords and 21 Wraithguard so far, I think they’re just some of the best models GW has produced. Deadlift’s airbrush technique gives a great depth to the models, and show all the sculpted detail without smothering the model is too much, which would ruin the effect. His thread now features the start of two new Wraithlords, so I look forward to seeing how they come out!

Shades; The soft purple tips on the weapons really help to bring the whole scheme together, in my opinion. You will often hear people saying that the best schemes are two colours with a spot colour and maybe some metallics. In general I agree (though often ignore that myself) but the subtle second spot colour, with the red
gems being the first, really helps to breathe some life into those ghost warriors.

My brain is lacking in intelligent segways into the next models, so I’ll keep it simple. Check out Heavybolterbob’s Space Hulkamanders!

Doc; The Space Hulk models continue to be some of the finest models GW has ever produced. These models prove them with some careful cleaning they don’t need to be assigned to the Blood Angels, but work well in every Space Marine Chapter out there. HeavyBolterbob has done a wonderful job getting a glorious shade of green on these models. I’m also a big fan of the apothecary. I’m sure that you’d need a chainfist to extract geneseed from one of these guys….

Shades; How clip-together models can ever look so good boggles the mind. The vivid green really helps bring out the fantastic detail of the kit, allowing for some very deep shadows. The additional freehand detail, from the shoulder guard flames to the magma sword, really help remove any lingering thoughts of these guys as Blood Angels and firmly places them under the auspices of their black skinned cousins.

Doc; My one criticism of the models? The stormbolters aren’t drilled. A tiny oversight on such nice models, but still niggles the OCD part of my brain.

Shades; I have to agree there. Forgetting to drill barrels is a sin I am as guilty of as many of you out there, so I feel a little hypocritical saying so, but it is undeniable just how much better these models would look with little black holes of pure menace looking out from the guns.

Shades; Think we are talking complete rubbish? Agree with what we’ve said? want to express your admiration for some of the threads here-abouts? Let us know in the comments bellow. Also, don’t forget to click on the thread links above for many more great photos, along with explanations and discussions with their creators. Let them know directly what you think of their works.

Doc; The Hobby threads are alive and well and its getting hard to choose the models I want to show and keep up with the steady flow of excellent miniatures. As ever, get your thread up there, enjoy the summer sun and paint those models. I’m looking forward to seeing more of the new shinyness (Eldar, Tau and Apocalypse – I’ve already got an eye on a particular Riptide for next issue) but want more of anything. And as ever, give us different systems! We like to show off all game types, so get those non-GW models up on the page and there’s a good chance they’ll show up here!

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