DUST: New Axis & Allies Models Unveiled!

Battlefront just pulled the covers off a bunch of new models and rules for DUST.  Who’s up for Axis aircraft with lasers?

DUST Tactics: Wave 8.1 Products

Lets take a look at the miniatures due out in August:

Horten HO-347 Aircraft “Der Adler / Der Blitz”
The latest innovations in Axis aircraft technology have arrived! This box contains one Axis aircraft that can be configured into two variants. “Der Adler” rules the skies with its powerful air-to-air X-4 Missiles, while “Der Blitz” scours the battlefield with salvos of deadly laser fire.

USMC Fire Squad “Devil Dogs”
Equipped with an abundance of anti-infantry ordnance, the USMC Fire Squad is ready for battle. A withering barrage of bullets from these “Devil Dogs” provides extremely effective covering fire, giving friendly close combat units an opening to strike. Mow down the opposition with the USMC Fire Squad!

Operation “Achilles”
As the war grows ever deadlier, soldiers have come to rely on the safety that battlefield fortifications can provide. This box contains rules to deploy bunkers, strongpoints, trenches, and barbed wire to anchor your front line.
It’s only a matter of time till we see these in DUST Warfare.  That “Der Blitz” aircraft with the lasers looks awesome!

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